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Catherine gives a friend some insight as to what has been on her mind recently.
"Hi! Nice to see you again. Come in and sit down. Can I get you anything...coffee or tea? Nothing? You're sure?"

"I know, I know. My kids keep telling me the same thing too. Take it easy. Sit down and relax. You know me, I just want to make sure
that everyone is happy and taken care of."

"How have I been... Well up until earlier this summer everything was pretty much same old, same old. The inn is doing well. Emily's idea of teaming up with the local wineries to promote tourism to the area has really boosted the bookings. We still get lots of visitors interested in the historical sites in the area. Seems like we are busier than ever in the summer months."

"A friend had fire displace her and her sons. Long story short, she and the boys are now using the apartment over the offices in the old guest house out back. Kelly and I have been friends for a few years now, and I really enjoy having the boys underfoot. Seems like old times."

"Anyway...something that I have wanted to do for a long time is under consideration again. Kelly and I are working out the details. My kids are all for it. My mother keeps asking me what is the hold up in the decision."

"I keep putting it off. Emily has a young man who is showing some interest in her and she is doing everything she can to put him off. Mom and I really like him and think they would be really good together. We are kind of playing Cupid, behind the scenes, of course. Kevin and Ciara are getting married early next year and wedding plans are well underway. And of course, there is the day to day with the inn."

"I know these sound like pretty lame excuses. You don't have to say anything, your expression says it all. I guess I don't think I will be able to make this work. What if I am not good enough? Starting something new at the age of 57 is pretty scary."

"Well, we will all be talking this over at dinner tonight. I think everyone deserves an answer and I think they will all be happy. Why don't you join us? How long has it been since you have seen Kevin and Emily? Better yet, how long has it been since we have shared a bottle of wine? This way, you will get to find out what I have decided too!"
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