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Fear and Self-doubt explain their beginnings
         We didn't appear on the scene until Catherine moved from CA to VA when she was 14 years old. Leaving everything and everybody familiar to her behind, opened the door to me, Fear.

         Starting a new school in her teenage years was tough. It was not easy for her to make new friends in high school. It was then that the door opened again and let in my partner, Self-doubt.

         Catherine went from an outgoing and bubbly young girl to a shy and eager to please everyone person; just so she could fit in.
The harder she tried to do so, the stronger our hold on her was. College was easier for her. Everyone was new. So we receded in the background and waited. We knew the time would come for us to "speak" to her again. When the time came for her to choose her what dream she wanted to pursue, we were right there to agree with the naysayers. To agree with the people who scoffed at her choices and told her she would never get anywhere in life if she pursued them.

         So she quietly shelved those dreams and did what was expected of her and we were quite proud of ourselves. We always thought we had a permanent home; until now. If Catherine gets her way we will finally be banished for good.
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