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Kate Blanchard's introduction

Required: Antagonist Profile ▼

Complete a character profile of your antagonist (your "bad guy" - the character creating conflict for your protagonist.) If your antagonist is a situation rather than a person, write about what it is and how it will create the narrative conflict. Add the profile to your character database (if applicable.)

Further clarification:
- Wikipedia's definition of Narrative Conflict
- Newsletter Article: "When The Bad Guy Isn't a Person"
- "ANTAGONIST (Re: A LOT of confusing things)"

Bonus: Antagonist Voice ▼

Have your antagonist introduce themselves to us in first person using their own voice. Brainstorm ways to make their voice unique. If your antagonist is a situation rather than a person, attempt to personify it and give it an explanation for interfering with your protagonist. Add the introduction to your character database (if applicable.)


Name: Kate Blanchard

Birthday: 3674214633 (June 6, 2086)
Place of birth: Roseberg, Oregon
Parents: Father: Royal Blanchard. Mother: unidentified surrogate
What was important to the people who raised him: Knowledge/science
Siblings: None
Economic/social status growing up: University vibe
Ethnic background: caucasian
Places lived: Well travelled, but only one place to call home.
Current address and phone number: not used.
Education: IQ rank 195. Working on Rank 196
Favorite subject in school: chemistry/quantum physics
Special training: rocket science.
Jobs: scientist
Salary: 40 food and lodging rations per annum
Travel: worldwide at the behest and dictates of the world government.

How do people view this character: intelligent and somewhat reckless.
Lives with: father in Housing Level 1
Fights with: Anyone. She’s feisty. It’s in the head and out the mouth. this is not constant, just a character trait.
Spends time with: Finn Morgan
Wishes to spend time with: Finn Morgan
Who depends on her and why: Finn Morgan. They are lovers.
What people does she most admire: Her father and his peers. They have the knowledge and tools that will allow the completion of her invention.
Enemies: Those who want to steal her invention.
Dating, marriage: Dating Finn, but he is not interested in marriage at this point.
Children: None.
Relationship with God: Believes in higher power, just has not learned to subordinate her desires to that higher power.

Overall outlook on life: She knows a lot. It does not occur to her that anyone would dislike her.
Does this character like herself: Yes. And so should everyone else.
What, if anything, would she like to change about her life: Nothing. She knows who she is and is well satisfied with the condition of her life.
What personal demons haunt her: She would like to have known the woman who gave birth to her.
Is she lying to herself about something: She has this nagging feeling that the old fuddy duddies are right about her project.
Optimistic/pessimistic: She creates her world.
Real/feigned: not applicable
Morality level: this does not exist in her time
Confidence level: more than enough
Typical day:

Physical appearance
Body type: 5 foot 5 and slender.
Posture: lithe and straight
Head shape: oval
Eyes: green almond shaped
Nose: straight
Mouth: full
Hair: straight, thick and red/blond. Twists the side tendrils and pins them back.
Skin: white
Tattoos/piercings/scars: none
Voice: low and husky (academia standard)
What people notice first: haughty self assurance
Clothing: suitable for college vibe
How would she describe herself: driven, scientific
Health/disabilities/handicaps: nothing overt

Personality type (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholy): analytical
Strongest/weakest character traits: intelligent and impatient
How can the flip side of her strong point be a weakness: she does not have a back up plan
How much self-control and self-discipline does she have: she is driven to do her best
What makes her irrationally angry: being told to relax
What makes her cry: broken things
Fears: not being able to finish
Talents: quantum physics
What people like best about her: she likes everyone until they give her a reason not to and then there are no redo’s

Interests and favorites
Political leaning: not applicable. Anyone reaching the are 45 must participate in government at local, regional or world level depending on test scores
Collections: usually of a scientific focus
Food, drink: Momo cookies and a mix of goat and cow milk.
Music: ancient -- from the 1980s
Books: ancient -- from the Victorian period
Movies: not applicable
Sports, recreation: hoverboarding
Did she play in school: regional championships
Color: favorite color is green
Best way to spend a weekend: chasing Finn around the hoverboard arena
A great gift for this person: tickets to old film shows.
Pets: none
Vehicles: can get everywhere with the hoverboard
What large possessions does he own (car, home, furnishings, boat, etc.)
and which does he like best:

Typical expressions
When happy:
When angry:
When frustrated:
When sad:

Laughs or jeers at:
Ways to cheer up this person:
Ways to annoy this person:
Hopes and dreams:
How does he see himself accomplishing these dreams:
What’s the worst thing he’s ever done to someone and why:
Greatest success:
Biggest trauma:
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her:
What does he care about most in the world:
Does he have a secret:
If he could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be:
He is the kind of person who:
What do you love most about this character:
Why will the reader sympathize with this person right away:
How is the character ordinary or extraordinary:
How is his situation ordinary or extraordinary:

Core Need:
Corresponding psychological maneuver (delusions, obsessions,
compulsions, addictions, denials, hysterical ailments, hypochondria, illnesses,
behaviors harming the self, behavior harming others, manias, and phobias):
Anecdote (defining moment):

Greetings. My name is Kate Blanchard. I have a tight schedule so we have to make this quick. Let’s walk and talk. I am 22, madly in love with Finn Morgan, and live at the university. I am working on this crazy rad project that deals with dimensional shifts. If it works the way I envision, time travel will be possible. I have a presentation to the Board of Regents, and they will probably shoot it down again. I may be forced to do a limited experiment -- but that’s a story for a different time. Here’s my stop, so I’ll see you later. Keep your hands off my project. I’m not kidding. If you touch it, I will find out and you won’t like the results. Wish me luck.
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