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It is amazing what happens when one lets the pen do the "talking".
         The decision has been made. Catherine had spent so much time analyzing the issue; over analyzing actually. All of the details of the new venture were worked out and she decided it was now or never and doubts be damned. Her whole family was relieved when they heard she intended to run with the plans. They had all been behind her from the start, but knew she had to be the one to give it the go.

         She was having lunch one day with a friend, the owner of the small town newspaper and she told him about her new venture. The Evettesville Gazette was a big promoter of the local businesses and promised to get her an interview to help spread the word. The only catch was the owner had a small request of Catherine. The reporter was a new hire and Catherine was asked to give her feedback after the interview. Intrigued by the request, she agrees to help.

         Brady Carlisle, the new reporter, makes a favorable impression on her and Lila, her mother, but not because of his interview skills. Those could use a bit of work. Lila and Catherine could not help but notice that he seemed more interested in Emily than in the interview. A shared looked between Lila and Catherine let each know they thought the same thing.

         Emily finds him to be too sure of himself and his ability to charm. She deemed him "damned near insufferable". When Catherine and Lila think she is being too hard on that nice, handsome young man, Emily gets flustered. She counters that they are being too easy on him. Glaring at the two of them, Emily stomps from the room, leaving her mother and grandmother grinning. Sharing a cup of coffee, Lila and Catherine begin trying to figure out how to get the two of them together.

         While the two of them are plotting, Kevin, her son comes in with news. There has been another fire in one of the old storefronts on Lawlor Street. It happens to be the same street that Kelly and her twin sons lived. Their apartment was over an old storefront that had a fire in the kitchen area of the store. This time the fire was in the building that was the tasting room for The Field Stones Vineyard. No major damage, but the tasting room would be closed while the fire is investigated.
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