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My first outline for NaNo 2016
I. Phin realizes Moseley’s condition will continue to get worse. He has fashioned mechanical leg wraps for him that will help him walk for now, but they are not superior and Moseley will need more.
II. Zenith talks Phin into joining The Alliance. Phin agrees to at least check it out and see how it can help him.
III. Phin decides to help The Alliance by making clockwork minions that can help to infiltrate The State headquarters.
IV. Phin winds up in prison when the minions are tracked back to him. He says they were a child’s toy that ran amuck and pleads uneducated in such matters.
V. Phin decides he must leave his family and help the Alliance. This is his big internal conflict - but he is now under tight scrutiny.
VI. Phin continues to work on his weather controller, but eventually, before he thinks it’s ready, he is imprisoned again for treason.
VII. The Alliance, including Phin’s brother Zenith, and Moseley and some of his friends, come to break Phin out of prison in the midst of a riot.
VIII. Tensions between The Alliance and The State are at an all-time high. Moseley refuses to go home and intends to help, with his friends - Zenith puts them to work.
IX. Ana, Phin’s wife is left alone. He worries greatly for her and tries to get home to see her. He is again apprehended.
X. Phin is saved again by The Alliance. He must now put his weather controller to the ultimate test.
XI. Ultimately, his weather controller will quash The State to a point where The Alliance can take over and the people will be free of the empirical rule.

There is a great deal missing from this outline, but it is a beginning.
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