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by Rojodi
Rated: ASR · Outline · Dark · #2098654
Basic outline for first novella, second will be next
I. Beginning
A. June 1985
1. Sebastian Pettijohn camps, re-energizes
a. Engagement ended
b. Graduated
c. Lost job opportunity
2. Enjoyed a nice first day
3. Next five nights
a. Dreamed he was an author
b. He and his young lover enjoy kinky sex
c. After BDSM, a man takes the lover, leaves author injured
d. Police question author, tell him lover has been found murdered
e. The lover tells Sebastian to find her killer
B. In the morning
1. Went into town for supplies
2. Asked older cashier if there were any legends about the Inn
3. Told to speak with historian at next door library
C. Librarian tells him story
II. Middle
A. Another dream
1. He sees young woman nude
2. Dragged by two men, third follows
3. Hears the third man speak
B. Back to historian
1. Tells her of last dream
2. She knows the logo
3. Gets in touch with friends
C. Horror that she may know the third man
D. She will tell sheriff’s office
III. Ending
A. Confrontation with man
1. Evidence told
2. Laughed at
3. Sebastian tells him to meet him
B. That night
1. Sebastian waits for the man
2. Long wait, but man arrives
3. Fog rolls in
4. Murdered young woman steps out of the fog
5. Man panics, tells his story, apology
6. Ghost speaks, “I know your secrets.”
7. Gun withdrawn, Sebastian told to stop this
8. Second ghost appears, the author
9. Takes young woman in his arms, they disappear
10. Man laughs
11. Raises gun
12. Deputy steps out of disappearing fog
13. Man is arrested, confession on tape, witnessed by officers
14. Sheriff speaks, “Damnedest way to solve a case.”
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