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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Danny looked at Alex. Alex knew Danny couldn’t touch him. For some reason they always brought out the worst in each other.

Their mothers, living next door to one another, then with boys the same age, thought it would be wonderful. But as soon as they began crawling they began fighting. Both wanting the same toy, the same apple, basically, what the other one had. Eventually the mothers just gave up.

This day, aged four, was the end of summer, the boys were about to go to Open House at the preschool. Both mothers were relieved that they would finally get a break, yet a bit concerned that there was only one preschool class and the boys would both be in it. That poor teacher…

The boys had been accidently sent outside at the same time while the mothers finished up before they left. Alex had immediately tossed some rocks at Danny. Picking up a rock himself, Danny turned to retaliate, but smart Alex had run in front of the big picture window, even at four Danny knew he couldn’t throw a rock at glass without getting in trouble.

He walked toward the fence, suddenly getting an idea. The fence held up a thick grape vine, covered with very ripe grapes. He grabbed a handful flinging them at Alex who immediately ran over grabbing grapes to throw back.

By the time the mothers found them, they were purple from head to toe. Frantic scolding, quick baths, new clothes and late for the open house later, they all arrived, still purple here and there.

Danny looked at Alex. Alex looked at Danny. They both started laughing hysterically, and that was the moment they finally became friends.

Danny and Alex remained the best of friends for the rest of their long lives.
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