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by M
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Supernatural · #2098743
A shadow unleashed by witches hovers
Parker came back from expedition...............

"So you have the Deed to the car?" The Attorney asked. "Yes," Cabe answered.
"The car belongs to me, I need you to help me get it back." The Attorney looked at him speculatively. "Well I will do what is within my power as far as is possible. I can't make you any guarantees." Cabe watched as the attorney went over paperwork, then she stacked it and put it in her briefcase. "So you will take the case?" Cabe asked?" Yes she said, and stood up. She extended her hand. They shook hands. Next time we meet I will need you to bring a copy of the Deed?" Then she looked at her watch and said she had another appointment to get to.

Breen Summer took a pan of food out of the oven. She wasn't a great cook but was learning. She thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye and burned her hand on the pan dropping it too the floor. She looked around the kitchen. She frowned and chastised herself it was almost as if she were afraid of her shadow.

Velma thought about the way things were where she had come back from. She thought about the goddess. She remembered she had been in a coma? She remembered shattered glass from a mirror. It was as if she could see it. There was a figure approaching. There was wavy light. It was Vee. Like a mirror image but an earlier image. Vee Sunshine. She began to sing something, Remember your like an eagle in the sky, on creative wings you like to fly, and sometimes it's like your invisible, but remember the ride, and the way to slide, don,t be too predictable, because, because you are a queen, and you got your own scene, your looking for a King, you are a Queen...................

Do you know I use to sing as well? Carolyn Bevin was explaining to Roslyn Young. Carolyn Bevin is her Grandmother.

Velma came back to consciousness. She remembered Del More. She recalled something and got out of the bed and checked the internet on the computer. Lady Alien is still around. She had uh-------the time fragments were worse than she thought. Everything got dark there was something,someone approaching, Child she cackled. She saw her. She was quite decrepit. She was holding a book.

Rich was fashionably late, he was approaching with Asier. He told Asier he wasn't hungry. "I hope you have eaten already he said. Allena said she had. Fashionably late again. "It's a habit you might want to take up," Rich said changing the subject.
"I have been thinking about the show at 6Muse6 the other night Allena was saying, Rich was thinking.

The old witch was thin and leathery looking, she could hardly move to open the book, but she did. "Look child," she said in an old, old voice, she was slobbering.
Velma looked at the page it was a picture of a round mirror. "Look Child," she said again. There were water waves in the mirror, Velma looked, now she was in the water, but she was not drowning, she was like a shimmering ghost. She saw a rock wall with a gate door, in the wall there was a key like groove, she looked at her hand it had tallons. She stuck her hand in the groove, the gate began to open, then she saw him, he had soulless eyes. Sharply she came conscious she was back at the cave in the castle. She could hear someone screaming and yelling. They were outside. The witch was navigating a console, a woman appeared she began to sing--It's lies, it's all lies, they are a flake, they are a fake, (fake) and they work to deceive, they are thieves, they can't perceive/ their the def of sorry, they are lame, it's their fault, they are to blame, they won't forget because of the flames, they are an evil eye, hell gate.........................A red curtain appeared, Welcome to hell...........

Anna was practicing sword sparring with Ella. She countered a Thrust from Ella then they both stopped and caught their breath.

Al was putting a Cd into a player, Davina Barnett one of the school dance teachers walked into the class room wearing a ballroom dress. Al took a stance, Davina joined him and they began to dance when the music started. "You have got to be kidding __________ said in a rude way. Altair stopped the dancing midway, and calmed the room down. "This is being added officially to the school curriculum, he explained. "What do you mean Mr --------, ------------ is our star.

Ann Greenberg was walking toward a Las Viva restaurant when Boyd intercepted her as he stepped out of a nearby elevator.

Daisy was at the post office sending away for something.

Luna was being fitted with some of the lingerie designs. Antonia was helping her try things on. Antonia was thinking about Agent Anderson and the questions he had asked her when he was fishing for information. She accidentally caught lunas skin in a clasp from one of the zippers. Ow Luna exclaimed, "I'm sorry Antonia apologized.
Luna was irritated by having to work with her on this, she suspected Antonia and Chris were more than business mates. It was at times like this that she wished she had a mother. She thought about Marina Sable. She had not seen her in a while.

Anderson was at a video filming. He was waiting to talk with David Gary who was being featured in a video with Paige Denise. Anderson looked on as Paige showcased his muscled physique.

"Who better to size up a chic than another chic?" Cabe was saying into his cell phone. explaining why he hired a female attorney. He was shuffling through his paperwork for the car deed. "Her name is Christine Peterson.

The old witch had Velma look again at the mirror page. A crown appeared. "This is not the crown of a queen. It's the crown of a king. King Vena. Recite this incantation. Velma did. She placed the crown on her head. Velma remembered the sorcerer and how she had conquered him. She remembered many things. Now she was standing in the room with the Asian male again. Only he was not sitting down. He was practicing Karate moves. "Now you know what this is? "Yes I remember," Vena answered. "And as I am a master at what I do. You seek to be a master at what you do. "Yes Vena," said. Allena was talking about Jessas performance, Rich was thinking about a dream he had. And of course Vampires do not dream, but he had had a dream about the music box and the woman who gave to him, it was a repeat of events accept the song had altered------a music box, for you because you are a joy, your name is lot, take care of you and what is yours.........

"Why didn't you become a ballerina?" Rich asked. "Well I was being trained when I saw another performer--Allena remembered what she was singing--naturally, let things flow naturally, go with the flow of posativity, and in your heart and creativity."I was inspired and became a singer.

Parker was in what would be a theater box at the castle stage. He was watching them practice a performance. Valerie Bright stopped the rehearsal and was talking with some of her girls (singers, performers). Stephani Smith was checking their costumes.

"We all agree that _____ ______ is destined for stardom,but this is about school. "Your not even a permanent teacher," another student threw in. I have officially been hired on as permanent staff Al Stated that is another change I needed to address with the student body." Someone noisily got up from their desk and left the room. The students began to laugh. Drew walked in as the boy walked out. "Sorry I'm late Mr _______ she said heading for her desk. Mr ______ calmed the class down. Davina Barnett helped him. The class quieted down as she shushed them. "Help us out Miss Barnett that fancy stuff isn't street. "This is not my change Altair explained. You can talk to the principle." Davina Barnett stood in front of the class and nodded toward Altair. Al stood next to Miss Barnett. Class, unfortunately Miss Barnett has a new job and will be leaving us shortly. The class became noisy all talking and carrying on. "Class Altair chimed in with their outburst..............

Rich was silent. Allena was thinking about Jessa's performance. She had been wearing a long, thin, solid black gown, and had began singing on stage then stepped into the audience--I am very clear who you are, your a Hot toddy, the house special, I've had my share but I'm not drunk, I play promiscuous girl, and you play a slam dunk,...............here we are nothin but love for you, hey Daddy, you are my boo, your a poster boy, and I am your toy, time to play here at 6 muse 6, yeah, yeah, yeah......

Oh that is gross, Grace thought as she navigated out of the bathroom stall, now they were missing the toilet and hitting the floor, she went to call someone to clean up. She would talk to Luce about selling the place. Antonia finished with Luna who went to the ladies room. Antonia thought about the visit from the FBI agent. "There are eye witnesses that report you as leaving the retreat with Max Golden." Anderson said. "The retreat where that man went missing? Antomia asked. "He has since turned up dead, and now we cannot locate Max Golden." Anderson reported. "That's terrible Antonia said looking distressed. "But why are you looking for Max Golden? she asked. Do you suspect him?

Grace came out of the restroom, it was quite gross. She noticed someone had thrown up at a table. What kind of people are coming in here these days? she wondered. Darlene was sitting at the bar reading a copy of Reality Magazine with Bert Porter on the cover.

"You know It's not that people are not messy in public restrooms generally, it's just that there is an intent to be foul, I mean can't they flush the toilet for crying out loud." Grace was complaining, she was at the bar cleaning the counter. Darlene, agreed with her and said, so Bert Porter came back and now he's gone again, I don't know how he's going to restart his career now. Perhaps I will be the next star?

Vena thought about the awful gargoyle that she had fought against possessing her and won................

Abby was receiving a transmission call from the home planet. She went to a view screen and sat down typing in the appropriate codes to receive it. A Brunette Woman came into focus on screen. It was Jan Hays, the Captain before her in the chain of command. "Why haven't we received a progress report?" Abby frowned and thought a moment. "There is a problem with the limited capacity of the Human brain." Abby replied, surprised somewhat by her own response. "What were you doing when I called?" Jan inquired. I was reading over files catching up on what would be considered history in human terms." Jan turned and paced back and forth slowly in front of the screen, "is it true that war will be necessary?"

Vena thought about all the changes that had happened to her.

"The boardroom meeting has yet to convene. I have been going over these files to gather enough history to sway the decision." Jan nodded, "and what have you decided?" Abby frowned trying to remember something, "that is a matter I would rather not discuss right now." Jan paced, "I understand that plant cells were harvested for an alien species? "That was a project Annette worked on. Abby said. "You have some idea of the problem we could incur from this if the situation is not handled carefully? Jan asked. "Yes," Abby answered. I also have a proposal that I have already submitted for consideration to the board that may sway the outcome of the meeting.

Now Vena was back in the woods with the witches.

"I don't know I think he's on a slant," Deborah was saying to another judge on the talent panel. "Well this is ridiculous, Cowplant said, "your not judging me your suppose to judge the talent." The judge turned to Cowplant and turned him into a dragonfly. Deborah and the judge jumped out of their chairs avoiding the big fly. The judge Ella said, I'd like to squat it but that would not finish the problem. "I can't imagine squatting a fly like," that Deborah said. Cowplant wok up, he had dreamed about Deb Castellano, who had been out of relevance for some time.

"I need everyone going to the circle of power, strength, whatever to sign the list Valerie was telling everyone Iris has the form." Also there is a new issue, Stockwall the chief investor for this new venue has decided to insure immediate returns by making the stage available to the regular entertainment community." There was an audible gasp throughout the room. "How did that happen," one of the girls demanded. "Parker who has an office stationed here as you all know was approached by Lady Alien and her management. Parker was standing nearby with his arm around Crystal. Crystal looked stunned and walked off the stage.

"There has been an incident with another person who was at the retreat Velma Greene. Can you tell me if you met her and what you remember," Anderson asked David Gary.

"Can we visit father?" Iris Greggs was reading a business book, "not right now, but you can come to the circle with me." "Why are you reading that book Aundi Greggs asked her mother. Now that were in this new land, we need to adapt, and now that I am separate from your father I will need to have a business or I have to work.

Darlene was immersed in reading the story on Bert Porter. She heard a commotion from people in the bar, Chris Knight-- a couple of body guards fended people off. He sat next to her on a bar stool. No one knew he was her ex. His fame was a mild problem here. He ordered a drink. Darlene acted as if she were an ignorant fan. "Can I get your autograph," she held out a napkin. "I understand you are putting together your own act." Darlene acted like she was looking at the magazine, I certainly was not a groupie playing to you as you accused she said. "Well I hope you'll keep this private he said. "Of course," Darlene agreed, she was in middle of starting her own thing she thought to herself, then she realized why he asked her that.

Rich was going over the performance set list for the club he decided to add a new singer named April ------------, because he wanted Allena to feel more comfortable about her act. He also thought about his reason for being fashionably late. Rich was quiet and not paying attention to her, Allena was relieved she was thinking about how inadequate her act was compared to the other acts. She remembered Avaya Bilitys performance, she had dancers with her. She had wanted to talk with her but Avaya Bility had been busy talking with Jayne Bryant who had mostly introduced the acts. Asier came over and handed Allena a drink, "my compliments," he said, then spoke with Rich for a moment.

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