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Melodrama, Personal, Philosophy
Queen the same as snow that seats down on the earth; under arms seats:
"World does not warm us similar to one cup of café, when does stop snowing? I like wind of ardent; until we know that when we want to abandon our adult habits. Is God worry about snowing?"
Message of Lord changes everything; except psyche.
I am sorry Wilhelm; one man could have been over man; if he had been from the first. If he changes and reaches to everything; he is just reasonable; but not beginner and ender; not eternal and eternity.
God is similar to one man who composes poetry for his selected loved… what? Love is not selection. Love is God. God is love. You are not selected. You have been with God from the first. God is alone in the earth; and I know what I eat. You have produced many things in space and you know better than me God is alone.
God makes it cold. When I breath; something as steam exit from my mouth: ha…ah… He wants to say I am alone; the same as one queen or little prince. A queen lives solitude; with snow; with green a pine; with a papa noel; a queen lives with one fox; a queen is similar to one day and one night; whenever wakes up; she is just born. Whenever she sleeps she will see the dreams of worlds that will create. She is similar to herself. A queen is similar to one black horse that takes she; to everywhere that is not here; that where is not a churchman…; what? Hi… oh no; Wilhelm is here…
Wilhelm: "no; I am not. Word lives more than human personality and it goes on. I have just pray…he is probably…"
"Ladies and gentleman: now sun raises and over man is born' without a priest; without a church; with no hope and no recondite mind…" Nietzsche says.
Winston lights up cigar and says: "and without…"
Suddenly we heard recessional hymn… What? Excuse me…
Wilhelm: "Where ever you be; the way of mankind to God are you; you are my lovely poetry that fascinated me. I look at you and I can write for thousand years. If I understand you I`ll become happy; if not I`ll become dumpish.
Nietzsche goes on: Taking his leave of the saint, Zarathustra registers with surprise that the old man has not heard that "God is dead!" I suddenly look at trees and say what? Excuse me…now; Winston has come with his smile and Cuban cigar; with his light eyes: "But he does not divide his food and drink with others."
God is gold; God is rabbit and I am a rabid man and I have a rage for God. God is my food. Yes Lord; I rail against every one. It is worth a king`s ransom for my heart; for my mind; for my feeling; it is worth a king`s ransom for my eyesight. Give back me your account my love. My eyes have become white back water…
Queen looks to the trees: "We must take bail; better it is full. My balance is one ship; where is the wind?"
Wilhelm: "I disperse formidable water; I grind your jewelry; your earth; …"
Queen: "Are you a compressor? Wind could not be a lover."
Wilhelm: "Wind helps love to be produced. Wind is art of waiting."
I love Beckett. He calls me in the silent. I smile and he also.
When I lean behind you; when the same as claret; it flows in my streak; and clarion announces who I clear as moon; when I clear out redound and you give me manna; and I believe that it is from heaven; when you commit me to solitude prison; I compare myself to myself.
Wilhelm: "The doomsday is near; my heart; your door-way is in the eternal movement. Scattered winds if is becoming collection; my willing becomes strong: my meadow becomes saturated with water; door-keeper rescues me; if it becomes collection."
Wind: "In effect of your work movements are created; in your solitude; in one hundred years. I move easy; I am the storm; the same which raves itself out. I declare you the nature of things. When love is produced; I will abandoned…"

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