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Character background for OctoPrepMo
She couldn't remember the last time she was truly happy. As the rain pounded the window, Jasmine laid in bed with her racing thoughts. While I'm not happy now; how could I be happy when he got away with the crime? But, even before the unspeakable happened, was I even happy? Jasmine couldn't cry; she hadn't cried, even as she sit across from the detective when he blamed her for what happened to her, she couldn't even shed a tear. Was she angry? Even that was debatable. She truly felt nothing as she sat there. She felt empty as he called her irresponsible, loose (though she wasn't loose, she had never been with anyone before), and his words just faded as Jasmine let the words flow. She stopped paying attention, that's all she could do. And now? She still felt empty as she laid in bed, the rain hitting her window.

Yet, Jasmine had a grand adventure planned out. A few days before she graduated from college, she was on Instagram and discovered a travel program. It would cost her about a grand, but she had it from all of the jobs she held in college. This is something Jasmine has always wanted to do, but the thing was getting past her fear of pleasing her parents, co-workers, and elders. This would be a continuation of the test of her character.
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