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Basic Ryuki Finals Are Here
"Weeeeeeelllllllllll..." said Dea, after they rested for a bit. "Now the final stage of you guys training! The big day is next week. So you'll be

training until then. Okay!!! So your training is to..." Dea got close to the others, and then said "Create a signature move!"

The others were dumbfounded by Dea's words. "Signature move?" Muramaru said. "Yes," Dea said. "A signature move is an important thing

to learn. But do note that a signature move has to be effective. For it to be considered effective signature move, you guys have to destroy the

Hiki Ole Barrier. Okay, start cracking."

"So how are going to go about this?" asked Chen. "Well. What else! We'll split up and practice until we can create our signature move." Lin

said. "I'll take south." Aki said and ran toward south. "I'll take right." said Muramaru. "Then I'm going left." said Lin, as they both went to their

respective destination. "Fine!!! I'll take north!!!" Chen shouted. "No one is listening to you." said Dea and then looked very worried. "Shut

up!!!" Chen said as he started going north.

Aki was holding a kunai in her hands. Aki let out her Ryuki, a purple light enveloped the kunai. The purple light then became darker. Suddenly,

the kunai started melting. "Ah!" said Lin and dropped the kunai on the grass, where there's a lot of burnt kunais. "Dammit, every time I tried to

mix these, the damn things melt." Aki said and punched the ground.

Chen started enveloping his arm with his orange Ryuki. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" shouted Chen and punched the nearest tree. The tree has

been dented with Chen's fist is imprinted. "Damn. Assuming that this is the same strength as before, that punch can crack the barrier but it

wouldn't be destroyed." Chen then tried to build Ryuki into his leg which results in a faint orange glow. Chen then kicked the tree as hard as he

could; it made a light cut of the tree. "Dammit. This isn't going to work."

Lin pulled her bow and, after she released her blue Ryuki on the arrow, launched an arrow toward a tree. The tree had a big dent on it. "No

good, I'll never break the barrier with this strength." Lin then had a flashback of her as she finished her training with her teacher.

"Congratulation Lin. You completed your training." Lin's teacher said. Lin said "Yes sensei, thank you." Lin's teacher said as she held a box

"Here, a gift for you, Lin. Please remember to use it whenever put another arrow, okay Lin." Lin's teacher then opened the box. Lin got out of

the flashback and said "I never use it because I wasn't proud of being a mercenary, but if I want to pass..." Lin then reaches for something.

Muramaru slashed at the air with his naginata. "Ha, ha, ha. Dammit, I not hundred percent use to this naginata and that damn rabbit is

nowhere to be seen." Muramaru then remembers his training days with his friend and sempai. "Watsuki-sempai, I don't understand Inoue-

sensei's order. He told us to understand our swords, what does he mean by that?" Muramaru asked. Watsuki replied "Well, it depends on the

interpretation. Personally, I think about sizing the sword up." Muramaru repeated "Sizing it up?" Watsuki nodded and said "That right. Us

samurais, well any warrior really, must be able to extinguish the fighting ability. Weapons are no exception. Just hold the sword up and close

your eyes and imagine different sets of opponents in front of you. Now act like they are attacking you one at a time." Muramura then gotten out

of the flashback and prepared himself by closing his eyes and then imagine an army of Deas with different weapons. The Deas and

Muramaru both charged to attack.

Five days later, Aki was molding her Ryuki into some shape until Dea appeared saying "Hey Aki-chan!" Aki, surprised, dissolved her Ryuki.

"What is it?!" shouted Aki while she folded her arms. "Weeeeeeeellllllllllll, just checking on your progress. So you are doing well?" Dea asked.

"No, I'm good." Aki said. "Well, you must have it hard..." Dea started, but shurinkens was thrown at him so he dodged. "I didn't finish!!!" Dea

complained as he ran away.

Dea went north and spotted Chen whose arm glowed orange. Dea transported behind Chen's back and shouted "Hey Chen-chan!!!" Chen

jumped up in surprise. "Dammit Dea!!!" Chen shouted. "Weeeelllllll, I was just checking, sorry." Dea said, hurried but Chen grabbed him by

the shoulder. "You never told me about how you know you know about my dad." said Chen. "Well, you just got to pass the test, okay." Dea

said and ran away. "Wait!!!" Chen said, but Dea already left.

Running left, Dea ran up to meet Lin, who was relaxing. "Hey Lin-chan!" shouted Dea. "Hum." Lin said. "Weeeeeeelllllllll, just checking on your

progress. You good?" Dea asked. "Good, I'll be ready." Lin said, lazily. "Okay well, see you in a couple of days." Dea said, and then he left. Lin

then sighs with the shot of her with a tree stump.

Dea kept going right as he stepped on some twigs and eventually noticed Muramaru. "Hey Muramaru-chan!" Dea said. "Hmm, Dea."

Muramaru said as he looked up at Dea. "Weeeeeeellllllllllll, how your training?" said Dea. "It is going very good." Muramaru said. "Okay, see

you later." Dea said as he left. Muramaru spotted Dea leaving and threw some twigs on the floor where Dea step on. A shot of tree twigs that

surrounded the area Muramaru was in. Muramaru approached a tree, closed his eyes, and visualized an army of defeated Deas. Muramaru

then prepared himself, enveloped his red Ryuki, and swung his naginata at the tree.

Two days later, Dea and the group are gathered together. "Weeeeeeeellllllll, you guys have a week of training behind you and now it is time for

the test! Yahoo!!!" Dea said as he clapped his hand while everybody looked stern. "No fun!!!" Dea complained and then pouted. "Anyways, it

time to start!!! Muramaru-chan!!!"

Muramaru stepped up to Dea. "Now, are you ready?" Dea asked as he taken a step back. "Ossu!" shouted Muramaru. "Always serious,

Muramaru-chan. Okay! Ready, set," said Dea as he created Hiki Ole Barrier. "Goooooo!!!" Muramaru then charged and swung his naginata.

The naginata then glowed bright red. "Zangetsu!!!" Muramaru shouted as he slashed. The slash created a red crescent shaped backlash that

hit the barrier. After the blast of red light dissipated, the Hiki Ole Barrier got a vertical crack and then disappeared. "Weeeeellllll, it seems that

we already got some good results. Muramaru-chan passed!!! Next up, Aki-chan!"

Aki approached Dea, as he stepped back. "Okay, ready?" asked Dea. "Yes!" Aki shouted. "Set," Dea said, recreating Hiki Ole Barrier.

"Gooooo!!!" Aki held up her hands and emit her dark purple Ryuki. Both the Ryuki in her hands separates into four shapes each. As Dea took

a closer look, he noticed that they look a lot like kunais. Aki then threw them while she shouted "Kagutsuchi!!!" The Ryuki kunais hits the

Barrier and suddenly the barrier started to erode. "Hmmm, you used your dark magic brilliantly. Creating it to erode Ryuki is truly magnificent.

Now," Dea said. "Lin-chan is up!!!"

Lin took out a mitsugake. "Oh, you have a glove like that!" Dea said. "My teacher gave me this as a memento." said Lin, as she readied her

bow and arrow which started to emit a bright blue light. "Ready?" asked Dea. "Let's go!" said Lin. "Gooooooooo!!!" Dea shouted and then

quickly created Hiki Ole Barrier. Lin launched an arrow at the barrier. Suddenly Lin's legs started to glow too and swiftly dashed 90 degrees

and launched another arrow; then dashed 90 degrees and launched arrow two more time. Lin jumped up and launched one last arrow. "Wu

Xiang!!!" Lin shouted, as all five arrows hit the barrier. The barrier burst open while Dea looked bewildered. "Wow!!! That fantastic,

Lin-chan!!! Now, Chen-chan!!!"

Chen stepped back of Dea a great distance. "Weeeeeeeellllllllllll, Chen-chan, ready?" Dea said. "Hurry it up!!!" Chen complained. "Alright,

alright! Gooooooooo!!!" shouted Dea and prepared Hiki Ole Barrier one final time. Suddenly, Chen's arms and legs glowed light orange, and

unexpectedly charged forward, leaving an afterimage. Chen, who was covering his right fist with his other hand, quickly approached the

barrier. "Gu Chong Qiang!!!" Chen shouted, as he threw a punch on the barrier. The barrier started to crack until the barrier break. "Huh, even

Chen-chan." Dea said in wonder.

"Just tell me already!!! You promised!!!" shouted Chen. "Okay, just come on everyone." Dea said and waved everyone to follow him. "Now

see this." Dea said and pointed at some writing in front of him. "Huh, this is..." Chen started. The shot of the writing, which reveals the group's

signature moves. "I can read minds." Dea said, with a smirk. "But..." Chen started again, but Dea interrupted with "Your boss was a friend of

your dad, soooo when I visited him to recruit you, I read his mind."

"Speaking of which. What are we here for?" Lin asked. "Weeeeeeeelllllllll, there's a government we need to take care of. It could cost you

guys your life. So now you guys have a choice. Stay or leave?" Dea said, serious and stern. Chen took a look at the other. "Weeeeeeeelllllllll,

we're left with no choice aren't we, dumbass. I speak for all of us that we still want to get stronger. So we're staying!!!" Chen said, as the

others grinned in response.

"Guys," said Dea, in real wonder this time and then grinned too. Dea then suddenly scrunched his face and said "Well, Chen-chan you need

a lesson in attack names. Bone-crush attack?!!! Everybody else used deity names but you named it bone-crush attack!" Chen blushed and

said shouted "Shut up Dea!!! I stayed up all night thinking about the damn name!!!" Everybody started laughing; even Chen couldn't help but

laugh too. "Weeeeeeeelllllllll, let's go!!! You'll even meet my other students!!!" Dea said as he ran at a great pace. Everybody else rushed

over in response, all of them smiling as they do.

The Narrator said "Our heroes running to their destine fate. What they don't know is their group will be increase bit by bit until they'll be able to

take their foes down. Who are the fated mages, you wonder? Well, until the next arc everybody!!!"

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