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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Horror/Scary · #2099029
enjoy the prologue of the story!
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mary Ann who was a human girl that lived in the human world. One day she was about to water her plants in till a strange black portal starts to suck her up and as so she was sucked up by this strange portal she was now in a strange new world that was nothing but with nightmares and she was out of conscious.

She started to hear a strange voice. Hey get up! Come on! Get up please! its said. She started to open her eyes a little and didn’t see this weird figure. Come on we don’t got all day! It said.
And so Mary Ann had finally woke up and its was a strange flower. There we go your awake! It said. After she was opening her eyes she noticed the strange flower. Hey there my name is- It was about to say something in till its got slapped in the face and Mary Ann starts to scream in terror.

Nono please don’t you scream! it said. If you do that we’ll both get in trouble! as it was freaking out. So let just try again. shall we.
Hi there im Louie. Louie the flower. he said. Your new to this world aren’t ya?

But its been so long since someone came. but since you are new. here in this world its eat…O R B E E A T E N! he said talking in a scary voice.
As Mary Ann heard what louie said she shaked a little and told him that she was sorry.
Hey i know your sorry for slapping me in the face its happens when new people meet. but how long you been sleeping? He said confused. I know its a strange question. But it’s feels like you slept all day? i think. he said talking to himself. Just forget what i just said. Let focus on what the plan is so THEY cant hear.

But i wish to tell you THERE name. But when you meet THEM you’ll find out. He said. But First. He said. Mary Ann heard what he said and she got up. good. He said. Now in order to get you back to your home. i’ll you need to do is- he was about to tell what the plan in till he got set on fire flinged Mary Ann away from him. AHH! OH GOD IM BURNING! AHHHH! he screamed while Mary Ann was knocked out for a sec.

As Mary Ann got up she saw Louie all burnt up and now Louie is nothing but a burnt up flower now. There was nothing Mary Ann cant do He was nothing but a burnt up flower as walks she up to him frighten and scared.
As Louie was now a burnt flower a unknown person picked him up. Oh look another dead flower! they said. This one will be perfect for my dead flower stew. said the unknown person. As Mary Ann saw the witch she was trying to tell her that she wants Louie. What this? she said. A Human?
Hello im the wicked witch of the north. she said. I see your new here? She said as she was holding Louie in her hand. As Mary Ann sees him in the witch’s hand she need to get back Louie from the witch. As you see this dead flower is my hand? said the witch. He gonna be good for my dead flower stew. And its been so long since someone tryed out my food. She said. I have a idea! here take my hand. Said the witch. As Mary Ann saw her hand she starts to get a bad feeling and took it.

Come on my food will taste good! Said the witch. As they were going Mary Ann is now heading to the witch's house.
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