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Tails, tired of fighting Eggman, goes through changes to end it (Contains TF and TG)
Tails sat at his construction table, the 8 year old twin-tailed fox tired from another adventure to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over Mobius… and another day where he was got away to plot again, and to have the cycle start over. He was only eight, yet it felt that he and Sonic has been fighting him for years. He just wished that it would stop, yet he knew it wouldn’t until Eggman was put in prison, or killed.

Tails shuddered at that thought, he was never one to suggest killing as a solution, that was more of what Shadow would do, yet there were times he wanted to wake up to hear that the crazed doctor was killed by one of his own inventions, but quickly shook it out as he would never able to rationalize why he thought murder was a good idea.

“I wish that there was something I could do to stop this,” Tails thought to himself, he got up from the table and turned to go to bed to get some rest. He stopped when he heard a bang just behind him. He turned his head to see a gun lying on the ground.

“How did that get in here?” He asked, he went up to it and picked it up. Examining it, he realized that it was a pistol, it was of course heavy in his hand as he never held one before. As he was holding it, an odd thought came to his mind.

“Glock 17, uses 9mm ammo and holds 17 rounds. Sturdy and reliable.”

The 10 year old fox shook his head, wondering where that thought came from. He remembered that Shadow taught him about it when he gave him the gun. Tails put the gun on one of the shelves in the room. He looked down at his white tank-top and frowned, seeing all the dirt on it, and of course the mud on his black shorts.

“I should get changed, I can’t believe that using a gun made me so dirty,” Tails thought to himself, of course it wasn’t the gun, but all the running and crawling he did. Since he was now 10, he figured that he should start training to be more helpful fighting Eggman. Sure he was smart, but he figured he needed to add some muscles to.

He turned to the Glock, to see that there was now a odd looking gun beside it, it was larger than the glock, yet thinner. He picked it up and inspected it, it had a thin barrel and a long magazine.

“Uzi, uses 9mm ammo, can hold 32 rounds, fires at 600 rounds a minute, with a range of 200 meters,” Miles smiled as he remembered the information, placing it back in the homemade gun-shelf with all the other weapons he has. When he turned twelve, he began to collect more guns, much to Sonic's dismay. He also went back to having people call him Miles, as Tails started to sound too kiddy for him. He straightened his black jacket that was over his white tank-top, he still wore the black shorts when he was 10, as they still fit him. He did buy new gloves and shoes, as they were getting too small for him. He now wore brown boots and black gloves.

He was also starting to have feeling for girls, as he would constantly be nervous around Amy, but he never never acted on it, Sonic saying that he was to young to start dating. He heard a clatter to see that some guns fell off the shelf, the cause being a shotgun now taking up some space.

Miles took out the shotgun and inspected it, he never bought one before, and none of his friends gifted him one, so he had to no idea where it came from. With the knowledge he had he attempted to recall what type it was.

“Nova, a pump-action shotgun that shoots 12 gauge pellets, it has a 4+1 internal magazine,” Miles put the shotgun back on the gun rack, the 14 year old fox not remembering why he took it out to begin with. He looked around the room, which now acted as both a workshop, and a place to clean and repair his guns. He has become quite the avid gun owner, even impressing Shadow, his best friend, with his collection.

His thick black jacket with black jeans, combat boots, and fingerless gloves made him feel hot in the room, but he managed as it stop robot shrapnel from cutting him, the jacket doubled as a bullet resistant vest, which he needed since he knew that one of his guns could backfire on him one day. Although he was 14, he never felt attracted to anyone, not even to woman that most would find attractive. He found out that he was asexual when he turned 12, he also decided to grow his hair out abit.

Miles liked Sonic alright, but thought of him as to immature, he was personally more like Shadow, which made sense he worked with him since he was 6. He was also trained to shoot to disarm, not shoot to kill.

Looking at his gun rack, he noticed that he had an M16 Assault Rifle. He was confused as he never bought one, in fact Shadow never bought him one either. He took the gun and inspected it.

“M16 Assault Rifle, magazine holds 20-30 rounds, fires at 650-750 rounds per minute, and has a range of 460 meters,”

The 16 year old female fox put the gun back in the gun case. Milia was very proud of her collection, being part of G.U.N helped with that. Although it was technically illegal to steal weapons, she didn’t care as the group had more than enough guns. She took out a M14 rifle to clean, the stock hitting one of her b-cup breasts. The stock also left some dirt on her leather top, which she quickly dusted off with her gloved hand, the ungloved one holding the rifle. She walked to the table, her black heels clicking on the hard floor, and her black pants got caught on a stray hook, slightly ripping it.

“Damn it, I liked these pants,” Milia cursed, putting the rifle on the table. She crouched down, her small butt jutting out just a bit. She looked at the damage, seeing that it was going to be a simple sewing job.

Milia got back up and her eyes went to a medal that laid in frame in the room. She smiled as she remembered how she got it. She was just 14 years old, and was chasing a terrorist, she was new to the force (She lied about her age, saying that she was 18 to join). The terrorist was blocked by a wall, this gave Milia enough time to aim her M16 and kill the terrorist with three shots. She was given the medal for unknowing killing a high ranking person in the organization.

She turned back to the table to see that instead of the M14, there was a Armalite AR-50 sniper rifle. She was sure that she took out the M14. She grabbed the sniper rifle to put it back.

“Armalite AR-50, uses 12.7 mm rounds, uses a .50 BMG cartridge, bolt action, and a maximum range of 2,430 meters. Perfect for the job,” Milia smiled to herself, putting the sniper rifle in the holster on her back. The 18 year old vixen assassin was fully dressed for the job. A black latex one-piece outfit, black gloves, and blacked one inch heeled boots, her long hair kept in a ponytail. A belt full of ammo, a small pistol, and a knife. Her c-cup breasts bounced the tiniest of bit in her suit, her hips swaying, showing her wide hips, and bubble butt.

Milia was an assassin since she was 10, trained to use any weapons, although she prefered firearms, as they were the best to get a job done according to her. She made enough money to buy a house, but still had millions left in her private bank account. She was wanted all over the world, but she was able to bribe people to call off searches. Her biggest client was Dr. Eggman, who payed her big time to take out any trouble that he deemed troublesome to his plans.

Milia of course hated Sonic, she found the hedgehog to be annoying, always trying to tell her that killing is wrong. She nevered listen of course, as she made money in this business. She was an assassin through and through, and no one was going to stop her.

Her job today came from an anonymous person, who even distorted their voice to make sure that she couldn’t recognize them. She was going to be paid 100 million dollars to kill Eggman, sure she was hesitant, but money is money, and she was not going to let this opportunity slip her.

A few hours later, Milia was on a roof, her crosshair right on the egg-shaped scientist, her finger on the trigger, ready to shoot.

“Sorry Doc, you were great, but someone payed for you to be dead,”

She pulled the trigger, permanently ending the cycle.
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