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An echo of a memory
My darkest hour happened before I was ever born.
Head down and body squeezed tighter and tighter by walls that used to be so open and spacious.
Time being meaningless, I woke to panic and quickly exhausted my energy and passed out again.
Over and over this happened until I was convinced this was all there ever would be.
No longer wishing to experience more I started to give up the fight to escape.
Someone didn't want me to give up.
Someone kept urging me to wait it out.
Someone kept promising it would get better.
I did my best to ignore them as it got worse instead.
Suddenly instead of darkness and pressure making up my entire world, the voice showed me what I had to look forward too.
I was cold all over for the first time.
There was so much light that it hurt my eyes, but revealed blurry shapes and colors that my hungry brain latched onto.
Full sensation scene after scene parade through my mind showing glimpses of my life to be.
None of it made sense.
All of it was unique.
I heard songs, saw faces, heard punchlines and at the very end, saw my last moments of life.
2026 seemed like it was a lifetime in the future.
Now it seems to be getting far to close far too fast.
I don't regret my life.
I only regret not sharing it with others sooner.
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