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Rated: E · Assignment · Death · #2099355
Try and solve this mystery without reading ahead.
crime scene

The body of a young girl named Kira is sitting there in the shower room of her dorm. Blood everywhere, a knife in her chest and she has a right broken wrist. And what is remarkable is that there is blood on the tip of her left index finger, and nowhere else on Kira,s left hand. There is something written behind her on the wall. It looks like N037. In the main room of her dorm, there is a broken broom to the ground.
Kira's relationships are:
best friend: Lilly hated her (on a break with Kira)
boyfriend: Leon breakup (cheated on her with her sister)
sister: Maya they dislike each other
little brother: Brian always bothered by Kira.

what happend?

Desperate to kill Leon for cheating on her, she turned to extreme measures and slipped a message under his door, ordering him to come and see her in her room. Kira attempted to frame his best friend by switching the dorm nameplates of her and his best friends door. She let Leon into her room and tried to use the broom that his best friend kept in his room for cleaning; to kill him. However, her plan backfired and he cornered her and led her into the shower room. That is where he killed her with a knife. With the last of her strength, she wrote a dying message, indicating the culprit's name (LEON) in her own blood on the wall. But because her right wrist was broken, she had to write upside down with her left hand. Thats why it looked like N037. *BigSmile*

ps. I'm not English.
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