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Poem which encourages the Male species to never give up on life
The most beautiful bold creation that has ever been created in all species . THE GRAND MASTER PIECE: MAN
MAN your creation came from pure clean perfection. You are the closest to Gods’ heart for he has loved you so much that he created you from his own perfect image.
Leadership runs in your gens it is part of your DNA never forget that. Courage and strength runs through your veins as it is pumped by your warrior heart that pumps with passion to protect your loved ones, shield the innocence and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, the same heart that is filled with so much love, tender and care it awakens the butterflies that are sleeping in pit of the stomach of the queen of your heart .We Salute You.
We appreciate your hands that were build in such a way that they can endure any pain and continue to carry out heavy duties in order to be great providers to you depended one’s. We Respect you .
Shivers run down my spine when I hear your voice roars like the king you are just to shut down the demons that have corrupted the system and try to swallow man kind into the darkness. Do not give up because you have our support.
Bless your eyes which also carry tear glands, which means it’s alright for you to cry it does not mean your weak it only shows that your human.
Not forgetting your brains that were planted in your heads already instilled with the genius seed, please continue in growing it and working hard in bringing those beautiful ideas and fulfil God’s purpose.
Please inspire the little boys and teach them the ways of the Lord.
Be an example to them so that their brains will not be burned by this demonic substances, their voices will not be used for the system, their heart’s must not be weakened and their courage and strength just not be sucked by the systems vampires.
Please lead them into being great men like you. May you show them how to carry themselves as kings.
My Brothers you may not have a month or day dedicated to you but know that we celebrate you everyday. Our heart’s pump with pride in honour of you.
You are out hero’s we salute.
Man The Greatest Creation.
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