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Background story for a character that has a major/minor role, another antagonist.
         I can see them, the owners of the new wine shop. I see that the wife is crying. Good. Now they will know what it feels like to have a dream snatched away. I am only sorry that I didn't go far enough with setting the fire. At least I learned my lesson from the last fire. I was not careful with that one. I almost killed that lady and her two kids. That is not what I am trying to accomplish here. I just want these people to stop converting these nice old houses into stores and shops and apartments. I want to stop them from being successful.

         I want them all to lose what it is that they think will be money makers for themselves. I want them to hurt the same way my father was hurt when the town council turned him down. He had submitted plans for converting all the old buildings into townhouses. He had even taken into account the Historic Registry status of the buildings. He could have made a ton on money on the project. This area is becoming a magnet for people who want to work in the D. C. area, but live in the suburbs. The only problem is, people with money are retiring to this part of the state and are finding it to be quite attractive to tourists. I can not tell you how many of the old homesteads have now become wineries. The horsey set has bought up alot of the old farms. Every weekend you can see the people touring the countryside to visit the wineries and craft brew houses. Distilleries are cropping up everywhere too. Just think, not too long ago, distilling around here used to bring in the revenuers! I should know. Some long dead relatives used to run moonshine. My father has seen all these people making money and he just wants his fair share.

         I sat on the steps to the second floor and listened as my mother and father argued the night of the town council meeting. He came home with a bottle of whiskey and proceeded to get drunk. He complained all the council people were against men like him. They wanted to only cater to the tourists. My mother tried to reason with him. The council people did not completely rule against him and his development plans. They just did not want that kind of development in the Historic District. Why could he not take the plans and adopt them to one of the other sections of the town? That only succeeded in making my father angrier and he took the bottle of whiskey and a glass and went to set on the back porch. That was never a good thing. My father is really nasty and vicious when he is drunk. Both my mother and I always bear the brunt of that drunken anger. It ususally means a beating for my mother and me. You have no idea how hard it is sometimes to apply the makeup necessary to hide the bruises on my face and body sometimes. My friends think I am one of the clumsiest girls around. I just try to protect my mother as much as I can.

         So I decided that I would come up with a plan that would help my father and in turn keep him from beating up on me and my mother. If I am successful and am able to drive out the retail tenants, the town council will have to reconsider the plans that my father had for those buildings. The town is not going to want to leave those old buildings vacant. If they can't attract other retail tenants, they will have to turn them into residential units. Then it will be my father who will be making the money and then he will be happy. He won't be drinking and beating us up any more.

         I am going to have to lay low for a while. There have been two fires so far. I did the first around Memorial Day, at the start of the tourist season. Hopefully, this fire will put a damper on the 4th of July celebrations and I guess the one I will have to do around the Octoberfest celebration. I think this will work but I am going to have to learn to set the fires better. I don't know who will be the next target. The parents of a few of my friends in school have small businesses in town. I don't want to do anything to them. They are just office type businesses. I need to look for another store to target. I've got time to plan. I want to make my father proud that I helped make his dream a reality.

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