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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2099517
Story poem about a girl who is about to die written for the Monthly Poetry Contest

Word count: 227
Line count: 36

Whispers In The Dark
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

As I sat very alone in my bedroom,
Never dreaming I would meet my doom.
I was frightened like a young child in the night;
Wondering when you would come in to sight,

But then I heard a faint sound.
I screamed, then I turned around.
There was nothing but darkness
In the darkened room, I was a mess,

I heard the whispers of a man;
A dark sound, you'll scare me if you can.
The whispers in the dark grew loud
But I kept my cool, I was so proud

I felt a hand touch my back;
The fear I felt I did not lack.
You spoke from the dark, “Don’t fear me!
I’ve come to help you don’t you see.”

A tear rolled down my soft blushed cheek,
You told me it was my life you seek.
Who are you? What do you wish?
"I am death and you will serve as my dish."

Please don’t take me, not right now;
I still have life to live and to learn how.
"I’m sorry, you’ll be in a better place, you see,
You’ll be seeing your loved ones and that’s the key.

You’ll see Daddy and Grand pa and mam'aw too,
And you’ll meet God before we’re through.
It’s not a sad thing so don’t you cry,
But it is time for you to die."

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