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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Steampunk · #2099571
Charles is a minor character in my 2016 NaNo novel - backstory and character sketch
Role in Story: Phin’s boss and mentor

Occupation: Head of the state airship cab fleet

Physical Description: see photo

Personality: He’s a tough one, mostly keeps to himself. He does not give the outward appearance that he likes anyone too much but, in fact, he doe care deeply for people. He lost his wife in a battle with the State, as they were fighting to rein over Capercairn. There was an uprising some years back. Charles was involved. His wife was killed to show him that the state would always win, no matter what any usurpers might think was right or that a different rein would create a better life.

Habits/Mannerisms: He paces a lot when nervous, but most do not know it is nerves. His pace is a rigid, almost military one, giving the appearance that he is angry and plotting some sort of revenge against someone. He also usually has a cigar in his mouth. He does not smoke them, but chomps on them throughout the day, as if to emphasize a point.

Background: Charles Gartwaithe was a member of the last resistance that came up against The State. He lost the love of his life (pregnant with his first child) and probably a lot more. Maybe they even killed his mother, who was in no way involved. It was to teach him a lesson - one that he learned well. He vowed to spend the rest of his days as a quiet clone of The State. All of the reasons he had ever fought for freedom were gone now. He settled on piece, but inside he still burned for revenge.

Internal Conflicts: As his mother lay dying, she begged with him to “be a good boy” and not get involved in any more uprisings. She knew he was in the right to do what he did, to be involved as he was, but she did not want to see him get hurt, killed, or wind up in the dreadful thing the State called the prison. He told her he would not. But, as he watched what was happening to Phin as his son’s condition became worse and worse, he knew he had to get involved. If he did, he would lose everything, but he knew it was what he needed to do. He had some very intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the State. He would be very helpful to The Alliance. He finally decides to get involved when Phin is imprisoned for the second time. He commandeers the state airship cabs to use in the final fight against the State. He also has a cash of weapons no one knows about. They are in the abandoned hangar on the edge of the city.

External Conflicts: His external conflict has always been with the state. His conflict in his youth was with the state, and his conflict in old age is with the state again. He is willing to give his life to help Phin, if not necessarily the Alliance itself. He will bring out his fighting airship and make a suicide mission deep within the State - only to find many, many men flanking his ship as he heads into the heat of battle. They will not let him make the strike alone.

Motivations: Charles is motivated by doing the right thing. This is why he has been so unhappy. He has always known that fighting the State was the right thing to do, but he promised his mother he would lay low. To take up arms against the State again would be going back on his word to her. He could only hope she would understand. He knows what he has to do, and that is to fight the State - to the death if necessary. He remembers a different time, a time when people were not so submissive to an oppressive government. He wants that time to return for all of those who will come after him.

Notes: He may well die in the fight to save Capercairn.
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