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2040 is closer than we think.
April 6, 2010, I was sitting at the foot of the bed. Sweat freely running down my body as I let the fan blow refreshingly cool air over my body. My wife is showering and I am contentedly waiting my turn as I let my eyes close and do my best to not fall asleep.

Almost like catching something out of the corner of my eye, I realize that I can see something, but it wasn't coming from my right or left eye. It was playing directly in my brain and at first, I had to concentrate to keep my focus on it but within a couple of seconds, the visual presentation was joined by audio and I found myself viewing what seemed like a mental power point.

I watched old heavy tube style computer monitors being replaced by flat screen LCDs, projectors, headmounted displays we now have, but weren't ready for commercial use at the time. Then it moved to a quick series of contact lenses, virtual retinal displays, followed by brain implants. I found myself getting more and more engrossed in the display when the presenter who I honestly hadn't paid attention too, blurted out something about being my daughter, from the future.

She seemed tall, pale skin, dark hair and overall beautiful, but I did not recognize her at all. Without missing a beat though, I responded saying:
"Ok, daughter from the future. What stock would you recommend?"

This made her laugh in clear relief and tell me:

I opened my eyes at that point because my wife was now done showering, but I couldn't recapture the moment. I knew somehow that she was my daughter and was contacting me from 30 years in the future. Abandoning plans for a shower for the moment, I went in to the other room and told my wife what had just happened.

She didn't believe me, and said that there was no way she was pregnant. I wrote myself an email after failing to find any reference to a company called GameModels to remind me to buy stock whenever it becomes possible, but mostly forgot about the whole thing.

Weeks later we find out that my wife is now pregnant. Months later we get confirmation that it is going to be a girl. Our first child was born on Dec 29th of that year. I only get to spend another 10 years with her before my time here is up, but she is going to find numerous stories like this for the rest of her life and know how proud I am of what she is going to accomplish. I love you Zoe. I have from the moment I knew you would exist and will for as long as I am able. You are a great big sister and you will help make the universe a better place through your actions.
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