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Just a silly poem...
I went walking the other day
An old man was sitting in the road
I called to him, telling him to move
He looked back at me and smiled
He told me that he was quite happy where he was
I shrugged
Some people just can't be helped

I went jogging the other day
A young child was playing in an ant hill
I told him to stop, that he'd get ants in his clothes
He looked up at me and smiled
He told me that he was helping them to build their colony
I moved on
Some people have to learn the hard way

In another world and another time, I'm a superhero
I save the world with my superpowers
My nemesis, Dr. Nastiness, tries to destroy the world
I pound him into dust with my superbrain
The people cheer and love me
I smile
Some people just need heroes

I was crawling along the other day
A young man was holding his world together
I told him to stop, since it would tear him apart
He looked over at me and smiled
He knew it would, but he had to hold on
People needed him to hold on
Some people are too important to let go

I stepped over and joined him
We hold his world together
After all
Some people are just me
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