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Backstory of Carby Gorse and The State
Carby Gorse is the head of the State. He was ridiculed and picked on as a child. In a horrible accident when he was very young, he lost an eye. The other children always picked on him after that. Because The State did not yet exist, he was allowed to choose a job of his own. He had no drive to do anything that did not involve controlling people. He went into service for his country, but soon realized he did not take direction well.
Carby Gorse started The State, as it is now known. He was power-hungry and would stop at nothing to get the ultimate power in the land. He started by running for City Commissioner, when that position actually existed. Capercairn may have been a democracy at some point. But, once The State was established, there was nothing but tyrannical rule.
The State was almost overthrown in its infancy. Charles Garthwaite headed that resistance effort. There may be something more between Gorse and Garthwaite than just the ability to rule over Capercairn. There may have been something else involved that would lead to the State becoming even tougher on its people. Perhaps Garthwaite’s wife was originally Gorse’s girlfriend - and he thought he could have her back again when he took over Capercairn. How could she say no to the supreme ruler, after all?
But, when she was killed by State forces, Gorse blamed Garthwaite and sought to do away with him. However, his job as the head of the airship cabs was secure - for some reason. He may have some sort of dirt or something that hangs over the head of Gorse. Interesting thing to think about.
The antagonist here is two-fold, of course” Carby Gorse and The State itself. But the two are one, inseparable.
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