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Rated: ASR · Assignment · Sci-fi · #2099641
Young Kate Blanchard finds her calling in life.

Required: Contest Round 2: Antagonist Background Story ▼

Write a story about your antagonist that takes place outside of your novel. The object of the contest is to make your judges understand and empathize with the antagonist's motivations. If your antagonist is a situation rather than a person, write a background story about that. Add the background story to your character database (if applicable.)


Backstory for Kate Blanchard
Kate congratulated herself on her strength. Davy Howard taunted her about not having a mother, and one punch was all it took to lay him out flat. Everybody had a mother, didn’t they? He had no right to tease her about her mom not being around. Daddy explained it all. Or tried to. She would ask again. Maybe being now 7 years old would make a difference and she would understand it. Maybe he would be able to explain it better.
Her elation was replaced with a determination to get away quickly when she say Davy’s father step off the rollway, Kate took off at a dead run. He didn’t look happy to see his son on the ground and he was not paying attention to her yet. Kate found her hide-away spot in the hedgerow and dived in. Just breathe deep. That’s what daddy said when he wanted her to calm down enough to talk. As her heart rate slowed, and the perspiration evaporated from her forehead, she held her breath, while she adjusted her position so that she could look out the gap in the hedge to see what was happening on the other end of the playground. She could see the upper grade boys pointing in her direction. She could see Davy’s father stand up, nod and look in her direction. Her heart rate and breathing picked up again. She winced when she auto jerked away from the view spot. Her fingertips tenderly touched the lump slowly forming where her head connected with the wood rails that made up the fence that blocked off the playground. She could not risk staying here. She scurried along the back wall hoping that her father was here. He would protect her from Davy’s father. Her daddy was better than his daddy. And it would always be so. Her daddy would be better than everybody else’s daddy. He would protect her. He just had to get here fast.
Kate took her pre-arranged spot in the public transport area. She ran her hand over the scanner and then took her spot at the wall. She locked eyes with Davy’s father. He would not be able to touch her or speak to her without the police being alerted. He moved. “You’re not my father.”
The police officer moved from his desk to confront Mr. Howard. “Never mind officer, I’ll leave. But you, little girl, your father will hear from me.”
But it never happened. Instead, Royal pulled Kate from public education and taught her himself. A college professor of quantum physics teaching a 7 year old. It took no time at all for Royal to mold Kate into a future quantum physicist.
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