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Why is a simple seven word phrase hold such a big significance?
From a young age you are taught never judge a book by its cover. Never to look at someone and just assume that you know everything there is to know about them. Then why is the world filled with people thinking that they know everything about anything that is important? Why are we still in a world with stereotypes and bullying? Why are we in a world where you walk up to someone and have a conversation just to get information out of them?

Everyone has multiple layers. There is rarely ever a case when someone is a truly open book. Whether they have a secret obsession, dark past, or even an alter ego it is not likely that someone will know everything. I am included in that list of billions of people who have multiple layers. I have Type 1 Diabetes. That is something that I am not very open about on the account of I hate being judged or perceived as weaker. So, only the people that I trust know and even then they still don't all know.

Just last week in class we had to take a math test. I have had problems in the past about testing and low blood sugar (for those of you who don't know low blood sugar is when you could go into a coma possibly. It feels like your whole body is numb, you get very shaky, hungry, tired, and it hurts to think). I have doctors orders not to test until I am better so I told the teacher. She was so caring and understanding and it really helped me feel better. Then this kid walked up to me in the middle of everyone taking the test (this kid really doesn't like me and he was in the math class taking the test) and called me a "fake suck up" and walked away giving me the stink eye. See, he thinks that he is standing up for everyone else because I didn't have to take the test and they all did. All he was doing though was bullying. For someone who prides themselves on not judging others and being friends with everyone he is just being really awful.

It is important to realize that one piece of information could have done all of the difference. Other people know things that you might not. It is not ok to go up to someone and judge them because of something you don't even know was happening. If, I told him that I had diabetes he probably wouldn't have said anything to me at all; however, that boy had the audacity to come up and accuse me of something without any proof other then just judging the situation on the zero knowledge that he knew. Now, I have no desire to tell him that he was 100% wrong and had no jurisdiction for coming up and talking to me like that. I have heard in the past that he knows "everything there is to know" but saying he doesn't normally talk to me, what could he know. This is exactly where the idea of don't judge a book by its cover comes into play. So that we can avoid people thinking that you can just look at a person and know everything.

So, why is it that people think that they know your life and they know everything about you possible without even talking to you? Why can people just assume that you have no layers to you? Don't judge a book by its cover because it can just end up with you getting judged right back. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
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