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by Jo
Rated: E · Draft · Children's · #2099859
A mother and her young daughter discovering the concept of 'truth' in a comedic fashion.
Coming home late one evening from work, Lily found her daughter pondering aloud as to what to think of the word “truth”. She pulled Sal under her arm and smiled her most knowing smile, “when you tell the truth, you are promising that what you are saying matches with reality”.

At the mighty age of 7 years old, it was difficult for Sal to understand this full sentence and so she decided to try and create a visual for the word.
“Does truth have a colour?” She asked.

Lily sat her down and slipped out a silk pink scarf from her buttoned purse, hoping to help her daughter to learn by colour-association.
“Why of course! The colour of truth, is pink,” she hummed, letting the light fabric soar through her fingertips. She then returned it to its pocket with raised eyebrows to give importance to the time.
With a satisfied nod and the curious tilt of her head, Sal hopped off of her seat and went to bed, making a mental note that truth was pink.

The week that followed was truly new to Sal’s eyes.
When confronted by her classmate, Jess, Sal was delighted to find that her new knowledge of the ‘truth’ could help her greatly.
The students had been asked to find partners in order to practice the ‘spelling song’. Sal had been paired up with the Jess’ sister, while Jess had been paired up with a new student named Megan.
“Could we switch, please,” begged Jess.
Sal agreed, both wanting her close friend to feel comfortable and also wanting to become friends with the new girl.
“Promise that you want to?” continued Jess, warily.
Wishing to remove her friend’s doubt completely, Sal passed Jess her own favourite pink hair clip and said “yes”.
Jess nodded and understood, because, of course, the truth was pink.
The mystery that remained after this encounter was, however, the fact that Sal’s pink hairclip was not returned to her.

During dinner, Sal asked the important question to her mother, “can truth be given away”?
It took a significantly greater amount of time for Lily to answer Sal this time as she swirled her spoon in her soup pensively.
“Possibly through blushing,” she offered, smiling at her daughter, her own cheeks going red.
“That makes sense,” agreed Sal who, following dinner, snuck up to her mother’s makeup stand and proceeded to borrowing one of her blush kits.

During recess, Sal offered the blush to Jess.
“How did you get this,” questioned Jess, amazed by the makeup she was not yet allowed to buy.
Ignoring the question, Sal requested that her pink hair clip be returned to her.
Jess patted some of the pink powder onto her cheeks and passed Sal the clip.
Her mother was right; the truth truly could be given away by blushing!
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