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This is only page one of something I'm putting together. Work in progress
Static fills the screen. The screen flickers a picture in and out. The picture comes to focus and a tall, thin, grey haired man stands in front of the screen. "Journal entry number..." He pauses and looks down at his wrist to read his watch. "Well...I've lost count but today I believe I've finally fixed the problem with the return transport." The man on the screen looks away from the camera and walks over to a metallic work bench, scattered with foreign objects. He takes out what appears to be a remote from his pale white lab coat pocket and points it at the screen. The camera begins to rotate along the room. White walls with large control panels lit up with red and green buttons pass the screen. Huge electric wires protrude from the panels out the side. The camera comes to a stop and zooms in on a large metal door frame against a far wall, wrapped with black and copper colored wires. The man's voice echoes over the camera. "I've adjusted the power core to receive a lower input of dark matter and by infusing the frame with a higher concentration of carbon. The frame is now more stable for returning matter." A low hum fills the room and the frame begins to emit small green sparks from the wires. He continues a little louder, "These sparks are only a side effect of the dark matter fusing with the carbon." A couple large bright green sparks fly from the frame. "I've ran several tests on these effects and found no threats to be worried about. The carbon infused titanium acts as a neutralizer to the dark matter." The sparks slowly stop falling off the frame. "After the initial warm up process the doorway is ready to be activated." The man steps into the cameras view in between the camera and the frame. "With many trials and errors, I do believe this is the next step in mankind's scientific understanding of..." He grins, "Teleportation of live matter from one space to another." He turns to the frame and reaches for a side panel of the teleportation device. Inside the frame a pearl white light starts to emit, filling the frame. Suddenly, a large explosion fills the camera frame. Static fills the screen.
"This was the only thing we've recovered from the blast." The man in the suit said as he turned off the television screen. Another suited man rolls the television out of the room.

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