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A change of path of a unaware spider into the outside world.
A drider, leaving among drows and worshiped by most of them. Supposedly, she would be considered the same as the other driders, but thanks to a lacklusting education and a rather 'unfitting' personality, she got forced to work as a maid for one of the rich noble families, whenever her services are required, only getting limited liberties because of what she represents and the image she convey.

Thankfully, she wasn't working as a full-fledge maid, given that, sometimes, her clumsiness strikes, at the desesperation of others, especially since, at times, she lives up to her nickname of 'Twister', even more as she has troubles respecting and representating her religion, mostly toward nobles. After all, who can know how to decipher their reactions. To a fault, because of that, and whenever she is unemployed, she has to act as a warden, silently representing her religion, watching the prisonners.

Quickly bored by thoses moments, given the bulk of thoses she needs to keep an eye onto are already mentally resigned and/or mute, and not helped by the fact that thoses slow times are, albeit rarely, broken rythm-wise whenever a dangerous element needs to be gotten care of, mostly when transfered to be dealt with, she tends to have sleeping troubles, especially since the others guards had the devious habit of abusing of the drider's natural strength, whenever they are too scared or lazy to handle their problems.

And yet, what annoyed her the most are all thoses adventurers that passed by, jealous of their freedom. Especially a female drow, quite different from the others, given she is covered in clad heavy armor, holding a large shield and quite the sword.
But what bothered the drider the most is that there was something that looked off about her.. Something unholy, or corrupted, so much she'd wish she wouldn't want to meet her ever again.

Standing at a size of 6 feet and 8 inches tall, the drider bolsters a cute, feminine and humanoid face with black eyes that could easily sustain a piercing gaze, a little nose, small elfic ears, as well as a delicate lipless mouth.
Her chest is slim, with a small bellybutton standing onto a flat belly. She also bolsters a pair of firm C-cup breasts.
She has two pairs of narrow shoulders, connected to long and thin, exoskeletic and insectoid arms, ending in delicate human-like five-clawed-fingers hands.
Four pair of long spider appendices, acting as her legs, supports her whole body, while allowing her to nimbly move.
Around her backside, her chest curves backward into a small appendice, attached onto a large insectoid abdomen, larger than her whole body.

Standing near one of the wells in the large cave used as a prison, she was half daydreaming, her eyes closed, her arms idly standing underneath her breasts. She was pondering why she was doing that warden thing, given she was supposedly a maid, wondering what is her place in the society she lives in, while she doesn't have any real power nor answers toward it. And with a currently abnormally high amount of adventurers, as well as rumors of a rebellion, she was actually surprised that she wasn't affected in anyway, and even more that the nobles wouldn't do anything about it whatsoever, like they didn't cared for it.
And it would have remained the same, if it wasn't for that wierd drow again..

Disregarding her disgust that she first felt when she saw her, she tries to ignore the drow as she does a completely half-baked greeting. 'Hello there. You look very interesting. I'd like to know about you.'. The drider, completly surprised by the demand, and partially shocked, doesn't even bother to look back and disdainfully says, with a hint of anger, 'What are you talking about!?'. The drow, unaware, replies, 'What do you mean..?'. The drider snappily yells, 'Do you know what i am, interloper!?'. 'Well.. No. That's why i'm asking you in all innocence.~'. The drider suddenly turns around to look at the drow, facing her up. The drow, surprised, squelches down a complain, before she seemingly snaps off of her mental torpor, too loudly saying, as it was only meant for herself, 'What did i just do..'. She frowns and asks the drider, 'Can i ask you a serious question? Why didn't you tried to attack, nor to arrest me? You didn't even called the guards!'. The drider starts to formulate, 'Well..'., before they both notices a dwarf that was deviously eavesdropping them, a little bit too obviously, causing the drow to yell, 'INTRUDER!'.

The drider only get angrier at first. But then, she decides to look back at the drow and says, 'Tell you what? I'll answers your questions. But not here. Deal?'. The drow agrees and follows the drider up, until she points somewhere behind, far away from the dwarf. The drow looks at the pointed direction, lowering her guard. The drider uses that opportunity to knock the drow off, with a precise blow onto her neck. Confused, the drow starts to say, 'What are you-..', before she faints and falls down, only to be picked up by the drider, before she scurries off, toward a way leading outsid. Unexpectingly, she notices a rebel camp onto her way. But, thankfully, its occupants are too occupied to spot the drider, allowing her to flee outside, with the drow.
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