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A bed time story

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the world was young and magic filled the air. There lived the dream fairies.

It was the job of the dream fairies to fly into the forests each night and collect the sweetest dreams for the children in the villages far below.

One starry night, the youngest and littlest of the dream fairies was hurrying through the woods with her bag of dreams when she sped around a large oak and ran smack into the webs of the spider queen.

The dream fairy didn't know what had happened. She twisted and turned and pulled and tugged, finally breaking free of the spider queen's sticky net. When she looked back at the tattered web, there in the center hung her bag of dreams.

It was then that the spider queen came out of her lair to see what fat, juicy bug she had caught. But when she looked out, she saw her web in tatters, a tiny bag dangling at its center. A very confused, little dream fairy standing on the ground below.

"What have you done to my beautiful web?" the spider queen exclaimed to the tiny fairy, "You've destroyed my beautiful web!"

"I'm so very sorry, your Majesty," the tiniest dream fairy said bowing quite low. "It was a horrible accident. But if your majesty, please. May I have my bag of dreams? They are oh so important."

The spider queen looked at the fairy in surprise. "Of course you can't have them back, silly fairy," the queen said. "Look what you've done to my web."

Fortunately for the littlest dream fairy, the commotion was heard by two older dream fairies who came to see what all the shouting was about. When the elder fairy saw the spider queen's web and the bag of dreams caught in the center, she knew exactly what to do.

"Your most glorious Majesty," said the elder fairy. "We are frightfully sorry for the damage to your majestic web. May we bring you a queenly gift in exchange for all your trouble and for the bag of dreams?"

The spider queen thought for a moment and the idea of a royal gift from dream fairies seemed like just the thing to make up for the accident. And so she agreed.

The dream fairies talked and talked and decided a cup of nectar from the sweetest flowers in the forest would be just the present for a queen. So they searched the woods and captured a drop of nectar from only the most beautiful flowers to fill the cup of nectar for the spider queen.

When they had filled the cup to the brim, they brought it to the queen. But when the spider queen took a sip, “PFFFFTTT" she spit it out. "Naughty fairies!" shouted the spider queen. "Are you trying to poison me? This doesn't taste anything like bug juice! Go away, and leave your bag of dreams."

"Wait, your Majesty," said the middle dream fairy. "Please give us another chance. We will bring you something of great beauty to decorate your web. It will make up for all the trouble and you can give us back the bag of dreams."

Once again the spider queen thought and decided something of great beauty to decorate her web might make up for all the mess. And so she agreed and gave the dream fairies a second chance.

The dream fairies talked and talked and decided a beautiful stone from one of the forest streams would be a wonderful addition to the spider queen's web. The fairies flitted into the woods and searched the streams for the smoothest, shiniest and most beautiful stone in the forest. When they had found it, they brought it back to the spider queen’s web.

The spider queen was just finishing repairing her web when the fairies returned. They showed her the stone and she agreed it was the most beautiful she had ever seen. It would look wondrous in her web.

But when the fairies placed the stone in the center of the spider queen's web..."Riiiip." It tore a great hole in the center and fell with a thump to the forest floor.

The spider queen was furious, "Oooh, dream fairies. You have tricked me for the last time. You shall not have your bag of dreams and I don't want to see any of you again!" With that, she grabbed the bag of dreams and scurried towards her cave.

When the dream fairies saw then the sun beginning to rise and knew the children of the village wouldn’t have sweet dreams when they awoke, all the dream fairies began to cry.

Just as the spider queen was entering her home, she glanced back and gasped in delight. The tears of the dream fairies had fallen across the spider queen's web and sparkled like diamonds in the golden rays of the morning sun.

"Oh, dream fairies," she said. "I've never seen my web look more beautiful. You may have your bag of dreams. You've finally given me a gift I truly love." With that, she returned the bag of dreams to the smallest dream fairy who flew back just in time to deliver sweet dreams to the children in the village below.

To this very day, if you are lucky enough, and rise early, you may still see the tears of the dream fairies glistening as a remembered gift on the webs of the spider queen’s children.

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