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My first meal in Tokyo.
Day 3 Entry 6:
This is lovely. My body and mind rejuvenated, it was time I listened to the groans echoing from deep in my being. First, a brief stop to load my luggage, for I have not reached my destination yet, Tokyo was a mere passing dream I have enjoyed, and will still enjoy for the next few turns of the hand. Never the less I will return to this lovely city in the New Year to dream some more.

As if to prod for my attention, the warmness in my belly and the groans coming from within remind me of my pressing matter. With the loading done I conceded to begin the search for my last meal before my boarding and slung my small bag onto my back. This was no quick task, my indecision being as strong as it was in all things. Walking through corridors and halls my eyes were able to feast on plated food displayed outside windows so as to better understand the menus. My nose pulling me away from every shop to satisfy a curiosity that was as fickle as a cat chasing a light, and as such I chased from restaurant to restaurant, window to window, taking in the smells and colours. As my senses did battle over who leads, it was my stomach that growled at both, angry and jealous, all my senses were being spoiled and fed handsomely except for my taste. The headache to endure such a battle, I stopped walking. I looked to my side. A small bar stood there. Still being told to go this way and that, the noises blocked out, I sat on the stool. Only one thing on this menu, Tokayaki, but in an assortment of flavoursome accompaniments. What a cosy little bar, I ordered a mixture of tastes and a melon soda drink. But once the plate arrived with these magical round balls, coloured a golden brown with specks of green herbs, thin wispy flakes dancing on top from the heat and a sauce on the side recommended for an even further enhancement of the taste. The smell hinting at a slight tang along with a soft caressing creamy sauce that all await to indulge my tongue. When this plate arrived, all were in unison, an agreement struck, I was no longer troubled by pushing and pulling. Grabbing these chopsticks I have learnt to use, my eagerness to discover the food led to a common downfall when encountering new food, burning my tongue, I was reminded to slow down and that the food will not escape me. Compliments were passed onto the chef by my belly as I inquired what was in that lovely dish. Octopus? A pleasant surprise, one I will remember when in the search to silence that which is deep within. The dish was finished, plate cleaned of all crumbs and flakes. Luckily a picture had been taken before the complete destruction, a reminder for when I attempt to make it myself at home.

Fully satisfied with myself, I bid thanks again and set out to explore this air-port. Moving further away from the smells and sights of the surrounding food lest another battle ensues. Thoughts still drifted back, but as I have told people before, 'you must never be ruled by your thoughts, you are the ruler of your actions, they are but advisors that you must heed when needed and dismissed when otherwise' This was not a time to heed, but to dismiss, the sense of curiosity was stronger with me at this moment and so I left mastery of my body, to my eyes, to follow the path towards unexplored corridors. It was in this time that I found something I need, something I love and new friends.

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