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The complications that arise in my 2016 NaNo Novel
There will be several complications in Fair Weather Friends (which is really a dumb title, considering the subject matter and genre, but I will fix that before the end of November). Some complications will come from within, and others from the outside.
Phin will struggle with internal conflicts and complications. He will have to leave his family in order to do what needs to be done.
He will be imprisoned - twice. The first time he will be released, with the reason why unknown to him.
Another complication will be that many in the Alliance are heathens, only out for their own good. He will be defied by some of them and baffled by the behavior of those he thought were his friends.
The last complication, where he is imprisoned, for what he thinks will be the last time - the end of his life, will be his most difficult. Trusted Alliance members will break him out, however - including his son Moseley and the few friends he has.
There will also be a complication in getting the weather changer running and working correctly. I'm not sure where that will come in, but I'm sure it will come in several times throughout the novel.
There will also be a complication after the war starts. Ana, Phin's wife, will still be behind what are now enemy lines. He is torn between allowing his son Moseley to work in his stead and going to save his wife, and doing what he originally thinks is best - taking care of the weather changer himself.
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