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The beginning of my journey to start a blog.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. No one can tell me what to write, my ideas are my own. There are so many different subjects to explore…you can write fiction or tell a true life story. Yours, or someone else’s. The possibilities are endless. The possibility of a purple dragon living in a West Texas Oilfield town working as a roughneck becomes a reality. Pretty far-fetched, isn’t it? No, seriously, everyone on the rig liked him, especially during the winter time. (Get it…dragon…winter…fire…yeah, you see where I was headed with that.) Anyway, it was a sad day for everyone when he learned he had to go back home, to Fire Stone Hill. His father was killed by a dragon slayer and he had to help his mother. His friends threw him a huge party at their favorite lake before he left. As the dragon perched on the cliffs of Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake, ready to take flight, he never looked so powerful or majestic. But when he turned and looked at his new friends, with a tear in his eye, he knew he would never know happiness like that again…

There, now, do you see what I mean? Endless possibilities, people. I took a fictional dragon and a couple of things from reality and created an idea. Then, I gave that idea life, which, in turn, created emotion. Wow, that sounded kind of smart, didn’t it? But think about it for a second, who was a little bummed that the dragon had to leave his friends and return home to care for his family, due to the death of his father? Did your spidey sense tingle a little when you read West Texas, roughneck or Hell’s Gate at PK? Did you want to know the rest of the story? You did?? Whew…thank goodness, maybe I’m not gonna be so bad at this writing thing after all. And that, my dearest friends, is what writers are hoping for; the reader to feel the emotion that the writer puts into his work. An actor can alter his voice, change his expression and use his body language to show emotion. A writer uses words. I love words... I can easily take a short story and make it long. I’ve never been so good at keeping a short story, well…short.

Now, I’m pretty sure that there are some people who could care less about the dragon and are thinking, “What the hell is Hell’s Gate??” (Look it up, it’s an amazing place!) But, hey, I can’t please everyone, and I’m not naïve to think everyone is going to love my work. Not everyone likes Horror Movies or Romantic Comedies. Haha…romantic comedy. It’s a chick flick, people! (…and an excuse to eat ice cream and cry.) I’m not hatin’…just sayin’. Not too long ago, my boyfriend walked in the living room while I was watching P.S. I Love You, eating ice cream with tears streaming down my face. He did the smart thing and quietly backed out of the room. Never, ever, ask a woman who’s crying, eating ice cream and watching a chick flick, “What’s wrong, honey?” Don’t do it!!! It’s a trap!!! You’ll be sitting there for a long time hearing about the guy who broke the girls heart and then she got sick and he took care of her, and, and, and… Whatever!!! Give me an action movie! I want to see things blow up and get excited. I don’t want to get sad and cry…it makes my eyes puffy.

Wow, this took a left turn, didn’t it? Anyway…

Writing. My Life’s Passion. My biggest dream in life is to be a published writer. I write poetry, short stories, and have attempted novel writing. And now, thanks to the internet, blog style writing is incredibly popular and reaches so many more people than a published novel or poem in a magazine ever could. So, when I say published, I don’t necessarily mean that my ultimate goal is a book deal. As cool as that would be, I don’t believe that’s the direction I’m headed in. I’m looking to expand my horizons on the Wonderful World Wide Web and start a blog.

You never know, one day you might come across a story about a purple dragon from Fire Stone Hill who returns to West Texas and becomes a hero… Oh great, now I’m going to have to write that story. Or…better yet, I should name my blog ‘The Purple Dragon’ and in between my rants and stories, tell a little more of the story.

Hmm, a new idea…
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