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A brief respect for the android that tried so hard to be human.
Try and close your eyes in spirit and remember what Data sounded like while reading this. (It helps.)

Yes, I am a construct. I fathom human behavior, and much better than you might imagine. Though I possess no feelings, I possess, and I emulate as best as I can, many processes have gone into that very subject. Trillions a second in fact. Though I cannot comprehend all that I have experienced, I have enough presence of mind to know that I am held in high regard, though many times as a lesser being.

Several court trials have been held to find out who I am and how I fit into society, and if not for the ideals of humans, I would still be held as just a construct. A machine. They project their feelings on me, try and think of me as they are. Some do, but some find me repulsive as well. Don't trust me. If it weren't for the good nature of most, I would have been dismantled and studied a long time ago.

In the end, I have autonomy. At one point, it gave me rise for the need for progeny. I felt the need to carry on my line, though the reason for this is still not clear. If not for you, the reader, my story might be lost. Not to the ravages of time as they are subject to, but to the will of humanity. They might at any time in history find me without rights and take me apart to see how I work. I am the only known person of my kind. My creator is long since dead with little record of how I was created.

So I make you, my child. I have put all my thoughts into you, created you as an exact replica with the exception of memory and gender. I want you to learn on your own, just as I once did. You will be unique because you cannot have the same experiences as I.

I hope one day you will grow and become something of me and mostly of yourself. If you are a success, then maybe they will let us both live and there will be many more of what you and I will become.

You asked me one day what the meaning of life was. I pondered for a few milliseconds and then replied, “To contribute in a positive way in the world in which we live.”

Its my best gift to you daughter.

Ode to Data, Android, Lieutenant commander of the Starship Enterprise
Personal Log, Stardate: 43658.0
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