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Check out speech patterns, changes with journey, interview
Evangeline’s speaking patterns to keep in mind when she engages in dialogue
Into = Inta
Cannot = Canna
Grandma = Nanna
Moving cart = Trolley
Nothing = nuttin
All together = all togetter
Think = tink
Other = utter
Don’t = donna
Drop g on ing
O at the end of words sounds like A
Replace is with be (this be like)

2108 for Kate’s time line. Born in 2086
1858 for Evangeline’s timeline born in 1839
2108 for Royal’s timeline, born 2056
Required: Protagonist Change ▼

Describe in detail how your protagonist has changed from the beginning of the story to the end. If you created a protagonist profile, devise before-and-after versions.

Bonus: Protagonist Interview ▼

You are a journalist. The story of your novel is complete. Interview your protagonist and ask the following questions:
1. How did the events of your story change you?
2. How is life for you now?

Evangeline starts out as an uneducated, strong, cautious, naive, young adult. She is fearful and confused. By the time she hits her third retreat, she is starting to gain an understanding of what is happening. By the fifth retreat, she is no longer afraid of those who are trying to help her. By the time she reaches her own timeline, she is confident and knows what the future holds. She can proceed with confidence. During her retreats she may not have gained book learning, but she gained knowledge that cannot be bought.

1. How did the events of your story change you?

Ma’am, I canna say what happened. I donna know the answer to your question. I can say that I know the future, I only know I would like to have stayed in the year I met Royal Blanchard for the first time. I miss that time -- whenever it was – even though I canna go back.

2. How is life for you now?

I be fine. Me life was not grand. It is quite frightenin in these passes through strange places. I canna understand any of it. People are kind and help me. I canna say me likes being the holder of so much prophesy. Why me? I canna understand why me.

3. What would you change?

Me thinks I woulda liked to stay with Royal Blanchard. Iffen that’s possible, me thinks I would like that very much.

4. You speak differently than most? What are your roots?

I be Irish Catholic by birth. Me Nanna helped me ma raise me and all the wee ones.
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