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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Callie tried to hold down panic, berating herself for waiting so long. Her foot was caught and no amount of effort on her part had loosened it a bit. Calling out again, and again, no one was near enough to hear.

Why did she even come in here? she scolded herself. Nosey, that’s why. She was always too nosey. She’d wanted to see what was in this old abandoned building, which was technically off limits to the campers. Unfortunately, it turned out to be old, but not actually abandoned.

It was dark and she automatically reached for the string to the overhead bulb, assuming it probably wouldn’t work, but the electricity was still in tack and the light flashed on. Suddenly an entire community of raccoons flew in different directions. They escaped through doors and windows and cracks in the walls, as Callie jumped back in surprise, putting her foot right through a rotted board near the wall. Now, half an hour later, she was still stuck.

Nobody would be looking for her until the end of breakfast, then of course a search would happen and they would find her, but she was beginning to realize that by then it would be too late. She needed a plan. Looking around at what she could actually reach from where she was, she spied an empty jar. She felt like she was on fire by then, this was her only chance. Taking a deep breath, she quickly went to work.

An hour later a counselor found her, followed by about six campers. She was in trouble of course, but the campers spread the word and she became kind of a celebrity for the rest of camp.

Nobody ever found out how close she’d come that morning to wetting her pants.

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