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by Espero
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Changing of the seasons.
Winter's lurking around the bend,
Her icy fingers soon will send
White powder covering the land,
Transforming landscape with her hand.

Bright red autumn leaves are swirling,
Through the cool crisp air they're twirling.
One more dance, then autumn changes,
Winter once more rearranges.

Dance, little leaves of brown and gold,
There's not much time until the cold,
Smothers you with its frosty grip,
Re-paints you with its fingertip.

The rustling of dead fallen leaves,
Stolen from wicked winter thieves,
Must wait until the fall returns,
For seasons must all take their turn.

I watch the children run and play,
Braving the snow out there today.
The cocoa's waiting hot and sweet,
A fire's lit to warm their feet.

Then Spring sends us refreshing rain,
and flowers popping up again.
We see green blades of grass push out.
The buds of trees begin to sprout.

Warm and gentle breezes bring,
a newness back to everything.
Before we know it, summer's here,
a time for fun when skies are clear.

The water beckons us to swim,
outside activities begin.
The grill is hot and beer is cold.
Something to do, for young and old.

Our children frolic in the sun,
from morning til' the day is done.
It seems that summer goes too fast,
but we all knew it couldn't last.

Each season gives us pause for thought,
By all the memories its brought.
The beauty given fills our soul,
IT soothes our minds and makes us whole.

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