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The idea that the fourth Dimension isn't necessarily measured with math
The Third Eye

I'm more and more convinced these days that science needs to find a way to help average humans learn to open, “The Third Eye”. Lots of spiritualists talk about it, the religious shy away from it mostly because they have predetermined ideas of it. As a student of religion, I did come across the phenom at one point and it did change my life, however, no one religion could lay claim to it. Its referred to as the third eye in some cults and used in symbolism, even on our US dollar. I know what the meaning of the eye on the dollar is, its not anything meaning the third eye, but is still relevant since the third eye is represented mostly as the single eye as well.

I don't speak of an esoteric idea, not of a cult idea and not as a religious icon. I refer more to the science of the idea of 4D. The fourth dimension that is part of our science ideas. We all see things as 3 D. Even blind people are taught and feel things in 3 D. Three dimensions.

Some think Escher had some kind of thought to it with his amazing drawings and sketches. Who knows what he really thought. He obviously had a different kind of brain, imagining places where you could go up a staircase and be upside down when you completed your journey. I think he tried to imagine something his brain couldn't comprehend on the physical plane.

I have the feeling that science is trying to quantify and idea with pure math. No one can just imagine a 4D universe. It has to go outside the physics and understanding of the normal idea.

I believe it has to do with what some call the Third Eye. Its a new understanding of the universe through a totally different perspective. Even if my idea is wrong, its the only way for humanity to have any hope of understanding a new dimension. We can't use normal mathematics to prove this dimension.

We do have the ability to see it, get a glimpse into it. Most people only open the third eye via prayer or some other spiritual type of learning or linking to someone else that already is open. Even now, with my third eye open fully, I can only do certain things. I can glimpse the future, see trends and ideas that will become normal, and connect with people to a degree that is impossible to quantify.

I can give you statistics done in labs, I can give you personal impressions and real life testimony to things most people call impossible. But unless you understand the basic principle, you won't entertain the idea seriously. The controlled science done in labs aren't taken seriously by the majority of scientists because its about the human brain, about the possibility of us being able to communicate over distances, etc. Still considered pseudoscience. They wont even entertain any proof that might come out of it.

This is a simple discussion to provide the theory that the third eye is the gateway to the 4th Dimension and not some half baked cult idea or religious demonic thought.

Haven given you the basic idea, I will discuss this more in my next writing on the subject.
The fourth dimension has been posed by many scientists of course, well respected in their fields. But none of them can show you what they pose.

I do know its possible to open the third eye and see things other than you do at present. Even without being half crazy and without joining a cult. I have helped many people open this eye. None of them are in cults, none have gone into strange religions and most have made their lives better.

No, I have never charged anyone for anything.

My latest student is a manager in a major oil company, who now works from the inside to make safety standards better for everyone.

I'm not taking students. I'm just trying to show that the third eye is real and can be opened. By what means, is hard to say. But the 4D world is there. Even when you can see it, you can't really and truly understand it. I think It might have been there for humans all along, but those that see it tend to misuse and abuse it, end up the Jesus or the coolaid drinkers. The prophets of the world.

We've always felt it there, hence all the reinforcement to the idea of religion. We see things we can't understand, and instead of just being curious, we attribute a higher power to it. Normal reaction to a feeling of hopelessness and fear, but I believe all humans sense the open eye to the other dimension. I know for a fact this Eye can be opened and once done, it completes the human experience.

I should wait and discuss the rest in the next section, because dealing with perceived demons and fears can cloud things. Most never open their third eye before getting rid of base fears. Mostly those learned and drilled into them by religion of whatever sort. If you're scared of demons or any other religious ideas seldom open the third eye. Some who feel they are born to fighting evil sometimes do. Those without fear like I said. I've never met a person with anger or hatred in their heart to actually find the third eye.

I have met a few Muslims and a few Christians with good hearts, some who have no belief in God whatsoever that have done this. Some Wiccans as well. It seems to be restricted to those with a genuine kind spirit. People that forgive themselves, open to ideas and receptive to their own spirit in some way.

I can't tell you what the recipe is. Only what I have seen myself.

As a scientist with a past, all I can tell you is that its there and it makes things 4D. Its a new dimension to what you normally even see. You start to see things with a different perspective and I mean that literally. Physically different in many cases.

I will do my best to expound on the idea if I can later. Its taken me 30 years to figure it out myself as to how and why I see things differently now.

For now, I hope you enjoyed my editorial on the idea of 4D.
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