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We seem to think, "Be all things to all people," but friends walk the same road, together.
Just how does one become a friend
to ev'ryone you see?
Or is this such a worthy end
among those, who are free?

My parents taught me as a child,
"Your life is made of souls,
"Where some are bold and some are mild,
"but most won't make you whole...

"If in your lifetime one or two
"are deepest, truest, best,
"Then keep a grateful heart in you
"for then you'll stand the test."

How funny it may seem to say,
"I think I'm one great guy!
"How could the other ones assay
"to other thought so nigh?"

Yet, ev'ry man and woman here
and each dear child besides
Have unique traits so wondrous dear,
that ebb and flow with tides.

For some folks like my strength to write,
some like piano sounds,
Some like me on a stage each night,
some think my joke abounds.

But others wish I'd "get along"
in life of standards, best
To play to world's strong dance and song,
to cause no mind a test.

As youthful man I "toed the line,"
and stayed in other's face,
Who dared to play and not rules mind,
to act as a disgrace.

But now I often keep my peace,
I "Live and let live" all,
Yet, now their minds do give a piece
to beckon me and call.

Just how does one become a friend
with others through my Day,
Remain so true to Maker's End
with those, who walk our Way.

Line Count: 40

By Jay O'Toole
on October 24, 2016

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