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The greatest Fright Night is eternal Hell!
That Halloween is really mean
to those, who like no scare,
Seems just a scene to those whose clean
and made-up fun is there.

I've seen both sides and that's what's coy,
since starting out was fun,
Then older, more experienced boys
made happiness be done.

The shower scene from Psycho is
not fun for one who's five,
To see that knife a scare still gives,
no matter how I strive.

The Six Flags Over Texas has
a haunted waterway,
This little boy of six there was
in boat on face that day.

When I was but a teen I saw
a big ol' great white shark,
The pearly whites in razor Jaws
were made to bodies part.

Alright! I get it! That's the deal!
There's nothing to be seen!
We're not to take these things as real!
Just thrills,...that's all they mean!

Yet, Monty Python's blackest knight
is goofy as they come,
Without his arms and legs the sight
is icky and then some.

'Tis true some question, "What's the fuss?
"Just let the kids have fun!"
Mayhaps we further should discuss
the end after the sun.

So, what of Hell the Christians cite?
Why doth that give such grief?
Just let them have their fun this night!
Doth angst betray belief?

I thank thee, now I have a cause,
to speak of Hell each year,
For truest horror there's no pause,
eternal pain is near.

The wicked rich man went to Hell
as Laz'rus went anon
to Father Abram's lap to tell
the woes of life now done.

"Please, Father Abram, send him here
to cool my tongue with drop!"
"My son, the gulf is fixed it's clear!
In life you gave not sop!

"Your Day is fixed in torment, now,
you had your chance to change,
"Forever you in lostness bow,
your mind will soon derange."

"No, Father, please send man to tell
my brothers yet alive,
"That they may not come here to Hell!
I want them to survive!"

"Nay, Son, it shall not ever be,
for if they listen not
"To written word of warning see,
the risen dead won't mean a lot!"

So, Halloween's just flippant fun,
we see it's candy, make-up, paint,
No worries for the night is one,
no harm is done, to last it cain't.

Now, never worry about Hell,
you have nothing to fear,
The tolling of the bier's last bell,
means your end is more near.

Line count: 68

By Jay O'Toole
on October 25, 2016

October's entry for the Rising Star's monthly requirement.

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