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First chapter of The veil of death. The search for Bee.
The meeting took place at the ruins of Ku-To-Yen-Pi, a dark and sinister site outside the realm of people.

It was the land of ghosts and goblins, of witches and wobbly wiggles where Fantasy and Imagination ruled in their golden castle upon the windy moors. Neither man nor woman had ever set eyes on this land, hidden between Death and Infinity in the big blue sky.

Three ghosts sat at a round table under a purple moon, outside what was left of the Ku-To-Yen-Pi temple. Their gowns and black hoods obscured their bony faces and body shape, their eyes full of hellish hate and dark gloom. In front of them historical artifacts that were stolen from another era: a metal sword with pearl setting, a book containing spells and long-forgotten rhymes of evil, and a little music box that when opened displayed the most wonderful and exquisite music ever imaginable.

Ghost Number One took on the role of quizmaster and fired questions to the other two in a rapid stanza. If or when the other two did not reply within a certain time period he would raise his voice and utter profanities so vile and bleak, it would have shaken heaven and earth when overheard. But apart from the three plotters, there was no one, they were all alone.

They rehearsed their knowledge on living souls, otherwise known as the people, and for the next few hours, they schemed and planned, questioned and answered, and built a new set of rules of engagement for them to work on.

The clouds held their breath, there was not a whiff of wind; the trees stood in silence, not a single leaf moved. The birds kept their beaks closed and did not dare to utter one sound. There was eerie silence.

Ghost Number One suddenly stood up, the other two followed his movement. Then they whispered and repeated their mantra in the night. Louder and louder!

Radhe, Radhe, Radhe
Govinda, la,la,la,la,la
Radhe, Radhe, he,he
Goapala, Gopala

The time was a few days before Halloween, the hour was 0.00.

But wait.

Behind a rock, only a few yards from the Ku-To-Yen-Pi temple there was a sudden movement.

An elf, by the name of Raisin, woke up by the crescendo. And with the powers bestowed upon him, he looked back in time and overheard the ghosts’ hideous blueprint.

His beauty faded in an instant, his golden hair grew gray and his mood sank.

What evil, what dark and devious plans!
What, if anything, was his best course of action?

With heavy thoughts and a sick feeling in his stomach, he traveled into the thin air, back home to his cottage in the green, green meadows near the castle of his King and Queen.

There was no time to lose; he had to act immediately, or else …?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2100757