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Does it make sense?
I exist. I have existed for over 2 decades. I never changed much and I never wanted to. I noticed the people around me left and new ones replaced them easily. You were different. You were always different. I got criticized for staying the same and I got left behind for not conforming. I didn't mind....that much. Then life kept shifting and I had decisions to make. I never had a doubt about You. I believed You did not deserve the hatred people were so easy to shower You with. You did nothing but watch over me. You comforted me when all hope seemed to have disappeared. When I laughed, I knew it was because of You. When I met all the wonderful people in my life, though I didn't forget, I took You for granted.

Many years pass and every man i meet is nothing more than a friend. Every meeting is nothing but friendship and I was happy but confused. I wondered why I could not feel the emotions everyone else seemed to for these men in my life. I contemplated how I could understand them so clearly yet never seem to feel it with any of these men. In hindsight it all makes sense. The truth was blatantly staring at me. You....I was hopelessly in love. The only one that can make my heart beat fast enought to explode with just a scent. You can lift me up to a euphoric state with Our song. It was You. It is You....this is my discovery
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