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This is my Relationship story, i hope you guys are able to learn something or just enjoy!
I am 18 and met my girlfriend when i was 14, and we met through my best friend in high school, we official got together on August 20/ 2013 after i have turned 15 in September, we always Skyped because that was our only way of contact besides high school, this is because her dad was an absolute douche and would not let us hang out or do anything as young teens. so we skyped almost every night and then eventually we started sleeping over Skype, this is before we have never heard of anyone doing it before, but we would put our phones by our heads and sleep with each other over Skype. we would always stand outside of the school until her bus arrived ( i walked home from school everyday ) and i always stayed with her until her bus got there, even days when i did not attend school because i liked to skip school quite a bit, i would walk to the school to see her for 3 mins before her bus arrived and then i would walk back, Then we moved slowly because we couldn't see each other much, it was getting close to December, her Dad and step mother were going to Cambodia for Christmas and would be gone for like a month. so me and her were planning for me to sneak over and have sex/hangout/all of that young teen stuff. so i snuck over the first time, it was around 5 AM ( on a school night and 2 hours before school ) and it was about 14 degrees outside, i rode my bike to her house that morning as she helped me sneak into her house through the back door, we went up to her room ( her grandmother was watching the house and was asleep at the time) and we cuddled, i didn't know what to do or what i was doing, so then we had sex our first time, both of us were virgins. then the next day it was a feeling i will never forget, I had "butterfly's" in my stomach, during school i kept thinking of the moments to my self and was like " did we really do that?" and it was the most wonderful feeling i have ever had, so we carried on and i started sneaking over daily, not like twice a week i mean daily, i basically lived with her on school nights. then her dad got back from Cambodia in maybe mid-late January. this made me nervous because i was use to sleeping with her and got use to it, her dad is a cop and got off at the time we normally were asleep, i still continued to do this, one time she opened the front door and her dad walked in before i came in and i just walked around the side of the house and started running as fast as i ever had, she told me the next day that he knew it was me and told me not to be near his house again, again i did not listen because this is my first girlfriend and i would do anything to even get a minuet with her. so one time i went over, it was like 3 AM and we put a towel under the door because she did not have a lock, he bursted into the door because she left her dog downstairs, i remember the moment, i turned and looked and just saw a dark figure, she through the cover over me, but he still saw me. he ran over and punched my in the side of the head, kept constantly beating me, then punched me in the face and lifted himself off the ground by the table and kicked me in the back, remember i was 15 and this guy is a cop, like 47 and ex military and trained to kill, i got up and said " damn, can you stop", i put my hand on my face and saw myself covered in blood, and my girlfriend just looked at me with the most worthless face i have ever seen, i went to get my backpack with my cloths ( i was in my boxers ) and he put his hand on my chest and said " No your not, your leaving my damn house or im getting my gun and i will shoot you ". so i had the cover and covered myself up and run downstairs to see her step mom by the door just speechless and such a sad face on her, she was scared, i opened the front door and started just running faster then the first time, ran to the hotel to the other side of the neighborhood, i saw a cop car fly down the street to her neighborhood and used my phone to call my brothers girlfriend to pick me up and had to explain to her, at this point my chest and face were covered in blood, she said she had been drinking a bit but i had absolutely no one else to get me so she came and got me and i asked her " how bad does it look" and she said " it's pretty fucking bad " and i acted like nothing happened, i got home and looked at myself in the mirror and cleaned up my blood without notifying anyone, completely numb and cannot feel how bad it was actually hurting. i got on my laptop and started looking up on what would happen if someone got caught underage and got assaulted, could not find anything and made a small post on yahoo, just people telling me they would do the same, so i got a text from my girlfriend asking me if i was okay, and if i needed to go the hospital, i told her no. so i continued to clean up my face, and noticed on my right eye right beneath it toward my nose was a huge scar, and opened and gashed wound, i thought it would go away but it was bleeding so bad, i went to sleep and didn't go to school the next day, and my brother showed up and told me that i need to tell my mother, but i really didn't because i didn't want much attention. so he told her and she started freaking out saying he had no right to do this to me, so she wanted to take him to court so we did all of that, and then my girlfriend texted me telling me that she wasn't aloud to talk to me anymore, so i used a fake number and act like i was someone she knew at school giving her my initials "JR" and continued talking to her, she did not know it was me until i told her and she got mad because i done that, and she felt stupid for talking to someone she thought was another guy and had no problem with it, i told her i did that so we could talk and it technically be me, but not me at the same time. so we continued on knowing it was me until i just told her to delete her messages. Carried on for about 6 months and then she started playing a game on her phone where you can talk to other people, and used an app to communicate with people in the game, she got into some type of guild and she is a female, meaning guys were instantly on that. she started talking to a specific guy and i knew her password and logged on and saw her messages, she did not know i had her password, so i carried on for about a week and asked if she cared then she would let me see her phone to see the messages and she handed it to me and said " if you look at the messages im breaking up with you" and it hurt me so bad, i have never been hurt emotionally before, so i didn't do it. i had my friend come over one night and explained to him the situation, she started telling the guy that she has no boyfriend and has a crush on someone ( that guy, but he didn't know it ) and i started talking to him over Xbox, he told me everything he was sending her and her response, note, i can also see everything for myself and was seeing if he was lying, he was telling me the truth. i then got really emotionally hurt after seeing that, i did not deserve that. i threatened to kill myself and my mother set me up and appointment for a person to talk to it about, and i went and they said " do you really think your would kill yourself" and i said yes. they called the cops to take me to some sort of a mental institution for about a week, and i was so miserable there. the cop came and picked me up and i rode in the back the way there ( about an hour drive ) and got there thinking i was aloud to have my phone etc. but i had no freedom, i could not keep my phone with me, they had to put it in a locker and i have never been away from home for more then a night, so i got real depressed and tried to get out saying i was just saying that because i was hurt and not meaning it and they told me i would have to stay until the doctor spoke to me. i did not get out early, got out in a week and my grandmother came and got me, i got my phone and money from my locker and went home, first thing i done was text her and we acted like nothing happened, we carried on for another year to about 1 Year and 6 months in, at this point, what she done before while messaging dudes scared me, i did not want her to have any communications with males, i do not like her texting them or talking to them, i know how males are as i am one, they will take advantage of a girl that just got out of a relationship so they can try and get laid. so i set the rules with her. so we carried on, i moved to my grandmothers for about a week so me and my mom could find a new house, and we found one, lived there for a couple of months and i just thought that i don't need her, so i started talking to another girl behind her back like she did awhile back, and i started thinking that there are girls alot cooler then her, so one morning she came over ( she was driving because i had turned 16 and she was 17 at the point and had her permit but still had to sneak out ) and we had sex, and when she left to go to school ( i was home schooled at this point ) i texted her and when she got to school i had told her i didn't want to be with her, it just felt really old, and i had started liking the other girl. so we broke up and she came by my house with her mother freaking out asking if i was there and my mother said no, but i was actually in my room because i did not want to confront her, this is the first mistake i had ever made and i have learned from it, we broke up for about 4 months, and in that time i started out happy, and started drinking alcohol with my friends, we drunk almost everyday and i just started realizing that she is the realist girl i have ever met in my life. i wanted her so bad and needed her. so i texted her one night and said hey, and so we carried on and she acted like she was heartless, i then mentioned her mother and she said " My mother is in jail you fucking asshole! " and i did not know this. so i felt bad afterward, comforting her and so on. i called her after she said that and asked about it, she explained and we continued talking and... god i was just so happy i was able to talk to her, see how she is doing. It was the best feeling that i have had in a very, very long time. i then told her ( we were set on marrying at an early age as soon as she turned 18 in just 1 year and we wore a ring for a year until we broke up ) that i still want to marry her, and she asked if i really still do because we broke up and everything else, and i said yes, at the point i believe that is were she found her happy point, we were both just so happy, so she came over the next morning before school and i was the best morning of my life, to love someone and then be separated for such a long time and then just being able to have them back in your arms, it is an amazing feeling. so we kept dating for about another 6 months and started having more troubles with other guys, we shared a Facebook at this point, and that entire week she kept saying small things about breaking up and i paid attention and realized that i was the same way back when i did that, and it just made me miserable, i got a text from her friend on Facebook and it said so... and she said she would ask a guy she worked with if he liked her, and i messaged back " but i have a boyfriend" and she said " Yeah but he treats you bad" i mean damn, isn't that kind of Sluttish? and i mentioned it to us and she started texting guys, again i do not text girls or anything, and it just hurt me because we have already been through this once. so i somehow got her to realize it and she stopped, we were fine. then it came time that me and my mother had to move again so we found a place and my girlfriend was turning 18 in just a few months and i was so excited and we have been planning this for a very long time, when it got a couple of days from her birthday she started telling me she wants to wait a little longer to make sure her parents keep paying for her college and her car, but i told her i was not willing to wait, we have had it planned for a very long time and i cannot wait anymore then needed, so the night she turned 18 it was like 1 AM and i was staying with my brother for about 2 weeks because of my mother and mines moving process. my brothers girlfriend took me to her house and she already had her cloths in he bag and some other stuff, we loaded the car completely and went to my new house to start our lives together. She left her phone laying on her dads tv with a note explaining, he had came to my brothers house were he had previously brought her to pick up her mac book she let me borrow, and asked were she is and my brother said " I Don't know man that's not my business". He had no contact with my family or my girlfriend for a couple of weeks, we had started fresh had no where to sleep except a blowup mattress until she bought a futon, it was getting close to new years and she really wanted to see the ball drop and kiss me at the exact 12 mark, i really needed to use the shower ( will be explained why later ) before it dropped, and it was like 10 mins before the ball dropped, and my showers normally takes 5 mins or less, i came out and she was just sitting there so disappointed in me and upset, i explained to her im sorry and tried to find a video of it on YouTube and she said its not the same, and it just made me feel so bad, like it was hard to deal with because i know this is something she really wanted and that i could have waited 10 mins to take a shower. we continued on until about February and decided we wanted our own place but i didn't have a job, so we offered my best friend i have known since first grade, if he wanted to get a place so we did, we gathered $1,200 together and got our first place, i sold my phone and some other stuff and they saved a paycheck, the place was really expensive, so once we got settled in is where the real problems started, we started arguing as normal couples do, then she started watching anime, and i would play video games and we would do our own things, but every now and then i would turn it off and go over to the bed and try to cuddle and play around with her, she would completely ignore me and just be like " Stop im trying to watch this" and she watched it every single day, we started to run low on money and needed food, my mother gave me $5 to get food with and i mentioned it to her and when she went to leave for work, she asked for it for gas money, i asked her earlier to take us to get food and she said she had enough gas to get to work and back, but when i mentioned i had money for food she wanted it for gas, so i threw my wallet at the front window of her car and got really mad, my friend was standing right in front of me when i did it, and she said can you hand it to me, so i picked it up and got the money out and handed it to her and walked back inside, a couple of days later, i got a message on our Facebook asking her why she was in the back of her boyfriends truck, so i continued the conservation asking for more information and she explained a little bit, this really hurt me because she has dating this guy before me ( nothing serious ) and he had said he has seen her naked before and i asked her and she said he was not being honest, but i kept making the small hints to her that i knew and she woke up that morning and i said " so when were you in his truck" and she acted clueless at first until i started telling her people told me they saw her last night, and then she started agreeing once she knew i knew the truth, so i got mad and told her i didn't want her there anymore, so her step dad brought his truck and got her clothes, bed etc and then we broke up, again i was fine for the first week and then my friend lost his job and we could not afford the place, so i had to move back into my mothers, were our fresh life memory's were made, and i had to sleep on the couch alone in the dark with no internet or any way to contact people, it was the most miserable time of my life, so about 4 months went by again, she had explained to me, she was completely done with me and i felt so hopeless, i was so desperate and just cried to her and she would not get emotional, she would laugh at me crying. we then stopped talking and i contacted her again, she came over we talked, had sex etc and i thought everything was fixed.... but nope, she explained to me that she still doesn't want to get back together, and at the point i felt so used and could not stop crying. so we stopped talking for another week then i asked her if she wanted to do things, so we went to the lake with my friend and we went at about 10 PM until 7 AM and had alot of fun. we started talking again and went to the movies, we got back and i found a pack of cigarettes in her car and said " whose are these?" and she explained that she smokes, and it hurt me so bad to see her do that, she had never smoked before and i started balling my eyes out, so we got close to my house and explained to me she was going on a date that night with someone, and i asked if she could just come talk to me for a couple of mins in my house and had to beg her, she then came in and we talked and she explained to me that she wanted to be with someone, just not me. it hurt me so bad i have never cried that much. we then stopped, until she called me one night after i have been ignoring her Facebook messages and i didn't answer. she showed up at my door crying saying " You said you would be there for me no matter what " so i let her in and talked to her and we went to sleep, the next morning everything was fine, we were considered together and she started spending nights and in about a week she had moved back in, and this is were we are now, this is the current generation story.... I have OCD, not officially diagnosed, but i have such a crazy routine on how i live, i wake up, wipe of my shelf's, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, pantry, organize the shower, take out trash, sweep the trash that would be wiped off into the corner of the hallway, and vacuum it up, and then mop the entire house, i cannot relax, play games, shower or anything without cleaning, it makes me miserable, so when she gets off work she wants to relax so i understand, she gets in the bath tub, i pick up her old clothes, put them in the dirty clothes, but her keys on the rack, put up her shoes and bring her fresh clothes, and i recently stopped doing this, she will come to the room and drop off the dirty clothes, the dirty clothes closet it right across the bathroom, literally she can just come out, drop them off and be clean, but she leaves them on the ground for me saying " ill get them later" she doesn't understand that they have to be up ASAP so i have to pick them up still, and since we got back together this last time, i have started cooking for her, and ill do it very often, but when she ask and i am busy or don't want to, she says " fine i'll do it" and it upsets me because she gets mad and when she says that, to me its like her saying " if you don't i'm not going to talk to you, and be mad for the entire night " because that is how she is, and i have experienced it before, she gets mean with me because i won't or don't wan't to cook. so i do anyway and tell her just to lay back down, at this point she is still watching anime 24/7 on her phone. and again i put down what i'm doing to try and play and cuddle and she just completely ignores me at this point, it wasn't this bad when she first started, but i can ask her something and she will not reply and i will ask her 3 more times before i get a reply and it is just like i am not here, it makes me so mad someone can treat someone like that, and then with sex, we use to have it very often but now we don't and i ask her why, she said " i Don't like the sticky feeling " and then one more thing that destroys me " I just don't like sex anymore " i was at the point i had to beg her or do something for her for sex, it was like a sort of currency, and it makes me feel unwanted and unneeded. so she started a new job and met a new friend that is a female, she would get off at 10 PM and hang out with her new friend until 3 AM and come home really late often, i then woke up the next morning and saw a Facebook message and saw the persons image and i asked who it was and she said it was her female friend, i have searched up the image and found someone on her friends list and it was a guy, i then confronted her and she said " if i told you the truth you would have freaked out" and of course i will, we have a set rules due to the past and i am just trying to keep us without having any problems. and then i just explained to her that i really just don't care if she talked to guys anymore. i gave up. so i would wake up with a ding every morning and go to sleep with a ding every night, i don't know if the girl she made friends with is this guy and hangs out with him, but one night she sent a photo and it was a girl, so i am not sure at this point but that seems to be the case, i am a detective when it comes to my relationship, i am great at finding answers on my own. Some nights she would say she is leaving me, i would cry and get really emotional, she would not comfort me, she would not talk to me, and she just did not care at all, and at this point i turned 18 September of this year, it has been 1 month and 4 days, we went to Walmart and as i mentioned about staying clean, i use wax cubes with melters to keep our room smelling nice, i picked out one and she said " if you get that ill leave " and i got mad and threw the wax at her back and called her names, Yes it was childish but i thought she meant leave me like she always mentions doing, and we came there to get 200$, 100$ off my pay card and 100$ off hers so we could help my mother with her electric bill, she walked away and i couldn't find her, i got different wax cubes that i know she likes because we have had them before, they were 1$ and i got 100$ back, i went out to the car and she was already in it, i got in and we went home like nothing happend, when we got there i went to the restroom and came back and heard stuff moving in the closet, she was getting her clothes and told me she was leaving, i tried to stop her and say " What's your problem?" and again she would not speak to me, she said if i do not move she will call the cops and kept pulling up her phone, so i grabbed her clothes tote and said you want to move? and took them out to her car for her, then she got in and left, and in the past week, i have been drinking once again, then i decided i wanted to leave my state and go somewhere and start fresh, i went to Cincinnati, Ohio and called her a day after i had been there and asked if she could pick me up, she said " I Don't know really " and explained she didn't want to pick me up, i had 200$ when i got there and that night i was homeless. she explained she MIGHT when she gets off work the next day at 10PM so it would be about 24 Hours, and said is she does come, she will bring someone with her, and so that night i was homeless and had to sleep on the streets, my buddy then came and picked me up the next morning and i got a strange feeling in left chest, and realized i was having a heart attack ( family has bad heart problems ) and we got to my state and we went to the hospital and they got it fixed, now i have to take medication everyday for the rest of my life for my heart, and at this point, i'm just not sure how i should feel about her, i mean i will always love her no matter what, but just realize that i shouldn't be treated like that, she never helped me and my mother will bills and got about $2,000 a month, decided to get a new car that cost $1,000 a month including insurance, and it just makes my mother so angry, she showed up yesterday asking if she had any mail or a specific package, but other then that, now to mention past break ups, there are rebound relationships, which is most likely what will happen, they will find someone else in less then a week and then they will date and it will upset you, i have seen this countless time, but it is so easy to stay strong, people think it is so hard to move on from such a thing, where they loved someone and the other partner can just go straight to someone else, it's ridiculous right? well all they are doing is using that person to cope with there problems, they need someone they haven't told there problems to a thousand times, but you don't need to do this do you? no because you are strong, rebound relationships don't just hurt the other person when they realize it, but it will hurt you. i was expecting to have kids and grow old together, but if they are not willing to be responsible and can prove it by being able to move on so easily, what makes you think they won't just get up one day and leave?

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