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My last 2016 NaNo brainstorming session - includes bonus extended brainstorming.
I think the plot and the characters are coming together fairly well. I am not impressed, really, with my query letter, but I think it’s better to be impressed with the story and characters first. Phin has some big changes coming in his life. He is going to join with his brother rather than be his adversary. Zenith is everything Phin thinks is wrong with the world, but by the end, he will realize that what Zenith was fighting for the whole time was the good of all of the people.
Ana may play a bit bigger role than I originally thought. I gave Phin a wife only because he had a child with special needs, and he would need someone to help care for that child. Retrospectively, that could have been any family member. But Ana is very strong and she will help Phin. Although she does not understand the science Moseley understands, she will be helpful in many ways. She will even use her womanly airs, when need be, in order to get the information she needs for Phin. Phin may even come to realize her family was of the Resistance, as it was known so many years ago. They were stopped, of course, but they still bred fierce warriors who were just waiting to put their effort into a cause. Many had joined The Alliance already, but some simply waited quietly at home until the time came they were called upon to serve.
Phin will be surprised at the people who come out in support of the Alliance, and who come out to fight. He had no idea The Alliance was as big as it was. He thought it would be a drastically one-sided and almost impossible. Then he realizes that so many others were just waiting for the fight to start.
The war scene near the end will be the hardest to write. I still need to get together some of the details of how the ships will work and maneuver. The airship that Phin drives on a daily basis will be converted. Garthwaite will have it ready for him. Garthwaite has also been waiting for the Alliance to declare war and actually go to fight. Garthwaite is retired military and has a special hatred for Carby Gorse. It was Garthwaite, not Phin, who fought with Gorse over a woman. The woman was ultimately killed by Gorse, leaving a whole in Garthwaite’s heart and life that nothing could ever fill. He would never love again and is still looking for retribution. This will come as a surprise to Phin, who thought he knew his boss and mentor. Of course, he never pried into the man’s personal life. But he knew enough of his likes and dislikes and plenty about his service background to give him the impression that he knew his mentor well.

Extended brainstorming:
Moseley’s friends will be helping him with the weather controller while Phin is in prison. They will find the answer to a question that was nagging at Phin. They will, really, put the finishing touches on the controller. There will be no time to test it prior to the takeover. Phin may not even know, until much later, that Mose and his friend were working on the instrument.
Now, for the weather controller. The controller itself will be the main base. There will be clockwork minions that will come out in different places all around Capercairn. They will wreak the ultimate havoc on the land. It will start with flooding rains in the hills outside of Capercairn. The State would never see it coming. They seldom looked outside of their own kingdom. The floods will take out two of their strongholds, where they keep watch on everyone and everything. There will be Alliance guards at both of the entrances to Capercairn. They will be in radio contact (can I do radio contact? Or does there need to be some other means? Steam signals? I am not sure. I will have to look into this before the end of November) with those outside of the limits of Capercairn.
There may or may not be another kingdom/city that is involved. I have not decided on that yet, and I feel as though I should keep that out of the story if possible. But there is a chance it will come up. They may have the minions needed to bring the floods. Someone would have to be watching them to ensure they would not be stolen, etc. Or not. I’ll still have to think on that one some more.
Now - back to the weather destruction. A Tornado could take out the State HQ and their com base. Lightning will take a big part of the action as well. It will be directly targeted at strong holds of The State. It will take out the main players in their hierarchy.
The floods will be close to Phin’s house. The troops of the State that are left will be clearing that area by killing anyone who is left there. They will quickly realize that most of the residents of that part of the city have already gone, meaning they were most likely with The Alliance. The number of people with the Alliance will greatly surprise The State. They would have NO idea that so many people were against them. Gorse, of course, would know that people should be against his ideas, but he would never expect them to have the guts to rise up and attempt to overthrow him.
Gorse will most likely be found by Garthwaite and Phin. Phin will defer to Garthwaite for the final, killing shot. Phin is not an assassin. He is not a killer, nor does he care to be. In the end, Gorse will pull a gun on Phin - or a phaser of some sort, much like the lightning rifle in Sedina’s series. Phin will go through a host of emotions trying to pull the trigger and take Gorse out. Wherever they are when this happens, Garthwaite has been looking for Phin, in hopes of keeping him sage. Garthwaite will appear on the scene (finally catching up to Phin) just as the battle is about to be decided. He will ultimately kill Gorse.
Phin will realize that he has many friends. He is used to keeping to himself and trying to help his son and support his wife. He does not socialize much and has little time for such trivialities. He will build alliances for himself and his family that will never be broken. He will also repair family ties that have been frayed, at best, for many, many years.
So - floods, perhaps a tornado/hurricane weather anomaly and lightning. High winds could come with either another weather event, or by themselves.
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