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This is the setting description for my 2016 NaNo novel - Phineas' lab
The Lab

Role in Story: Phineas Cavendish attempts to change the weather with his nanotechnology/ clockwork minion technology

Related Characters: Phineas Cavendish, Moseley Cavendish, Zenith Cavendish, Ana Cavendish, Charles Garthwaite

Season: There are no real seasons in Capercairn. The industrial smog and soot makes the city immune to even the smallest weather event. It is colder for a few months, such as they are experiencing now, but there is a constant cold that can only come from

Unique Features: The lab is in a building behind the Cavendish home. It seems everyone knows Phin loves to tinker and to build toys and companions for his son. Later he attempts to build prosthetics for Moseley to help his deteriorating health, which keeps him from walking normally. His leg muscles are deteriorating and he can barely stand. Phin also makes him crutches to lean on to help him walk.
There is little concern in the neighborhood for any strange noises, smells or lights that come from Phin’s lab. Moseley enjoys time there with him when he is able, and everyone else stays away from the whirring, clanking contraptions Phin calls inventions.

Description: The lab is fairly small, as most labs go. It is 12 X 30 feet, with a high ceiling and gas lighting. There are large, dome windows that let in light, but they are so old and dusty thatt they do not serve as a viewing corridor, either in or out.

Sights: hand tool stations line the wall next to the window. There are vices and saws and torches of sorts. In the middle of the room is a coal-burning stove. It not only warms the lab, but it also provides the fire for the boiler, which powers many of the tools Phin uses in his tinkering. There are pulleys and pipes and electriks of some sort along the back wall. The electriks can be evidenced by the sparks traveling from one probe to another. The true power of electricity has not been completely harnessed yet, but there are many experimenting with it.
Sounds: There is the constant hissing sound of the boiler. The wooden floor creaks as Phin walks across it. When he his working, the sound of tools clanking and the pounding of metal into various shapes overcomes the hiss of the electriks from the back wall. The occasional mouse squeaks by, looking for a handout, which Phin usually gives.
Smells: The coal burner can be smelled, even from outside the lab. Inside, the air has a brass taste to it from all of the tubes and pipes and piece of inventions laying around. Something smells perpetually warm, as if something is melting. In general, the place smells of dust, but all of Capercairn smells. Phin has crafted some sort of air purification system that filters out the soot, while still bringing in air from outside. Without this, the lab would smell just as the rest of the city did. Homes, of course, had systems to take care of this as well, but this was the only outbuilding with that capability. It was a luxury that few could afford, lest they were to make it themselves.

Notes: Phin’s lab will be raided at some point by The State. He will have a secret area The State will not find, likely underground. This area will have twice the square footage of the above-ground lab. It is a storage area for the clockwork minions that will affect the weather changes Phin will program into the weather changer difference engine.
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