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My workspace ideas for NaNo 216
I have tried writing everywhere, and at every time of the day. By doing that, you really get a feel for what your most productive times and places are. For some, getting up an hour early and writing is perfect. For others, writing after the family is in bed is better. As far as the workspace, I enjoy writing from my desk. I seem to concentrate better. I have an office in the attic room of our house. When I am able to use that space, it is even better. I'm surrounded by writing things such as books and storyboards for other stories and all of the things a writer needs. We have never changed out the blue shag carpeting from up there, and I am convinced that helps, too. Of course, I've dated myself by saying that, but I'm okay with that. It's a feeling and a texture that is comfortable and, it seems to help me think.
Of course, life is not always perfect, so sometimes we are forced to write elsewhere. I am big on storyboards, so I hang mine where I will do most of my writing and somewhere near where I will see it when I am doing other things such as household chores. Alternatively, using the "sticky note" feature on my laptop is a great option. I can enable or disable the sticky notes, so it's a great tool when I'm working on my computer somewhere other than at my desk or in my office. I don't have my storyboard in my office because I can't see it all the time there, and it is important to me to see it, so I can make changes as I think of them while I'm doing other things.
The desk itself is really a table, such as one a person would find in a banquet hall - a 4-footer. It has room for my matching set of desk accessories, which always makes me feel more official. It's silly, I know, but it gives me the feeling of legitimacy that can be hard for beginning writers to find. I think, until you are published (and I am not yet), it can be hard to have others take you seriously, and that can creep into your subconscious if you let it. So, having those "professional" things around, to me, makes sense.
Speaking of professional things, a thesaurus and dictionary are always at the ready. Of course, all of that can be found online now, but there is something about picking up one of those books - the book with all the words in the English language, and the other book that gives hundreds of other words that mean the same thing - there is something about picking up one of those books that connects with the linguistic part of my brain. Again, I am probably showing my age here, but I am okay with that, once again.
So, my storyboard or my desktop sticky notes, as well as the right books and desk accessories - that is really all I need for NaNo this year. I do have some plans to spend some library time this year as well. I think that will be a fun experiment. As long as I can keep my mind on the book I'm writing, rather than the hundreds of books on the stack all around me - I should be okay!
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