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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2101113
*Fanfiction* Ghostbusters take on Hannah Montana's ghost.
*Pumpkin* Short Story Day! Below is one of my favorite movie theme songs ever. And it's appropriate that the remake of this movie came out this past summer. Your mission is to write a piece of fanfic about the Ghostbusters. Play the song below for some inspiration as you write! Make sure you put fan fiction as one of your genres and as a disclaimer in your story. The story can be based off the original or the remake, whichever you are most familiar with. *Pumpkin*

The team of amateur paranormal investigators found themselves staring up at a Manhattan mansion.

"Let's go kick some serious slime balls," Erin smirked swinging open the door.

"I'm definitely getting some activity," Abby pointed the EMF detector at the furniture.

"Yeah, I'm sure you are. Probably from a professor at that stuffy old college. Am I right?" Patty winked.

"Shut up. I meant paranormal activity," Abby rolled her eyes before starting to make her way up the regal staircase.

"She just doesn't wanna admit it," Erin snickered.

Abby swiftly turned to face them. "Can we focus on the task at hand, please?" she snapped.

Patty groaned, " Alright, mom, seriously."

Jillian pulled a microphone out of her backpack. "Are there any spirits who would like to talk to us?"

A bit of cold air suddenly sent chills up and down the women's spines and music began to play in the distant background.

*Music1* "You get the limo out front, ooh. Hottest styles, every shoe, every color. Yeah, when you're famous it can be kinda fun. It's really you, but no one ever discovers." *Music1*

"Okay, I need to know. Does anyone else hear Hannah Montana singing?" Erin raised her eyebrow.

Yeah, weird. Hannah are you here?" Patty looked around.

A ghost wearing a sparkly white dress appeared before them.

Abby scratched her head. "Um, Hannah. How are you a ghost when Miley is still very much alive?" she asked, confused.

"Because Miley totally killed me on SNL." she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

"Well someone's going to move into this place soon and asked us to get rid of any ghosts," Jillian pulled out her ghost vacuum.

Hannah threw up her hands. "B-but I'm supposed to give a concert any minute now for the other ghosts here. Plus, this is the first place I've ever felt at home in since Miley tore me out of her heart." she sobbed.

"I guess you can stay," Abby nodded her head.

"Yay, thank you!" Hannah smiled.

"We're gonna suck her up later, right?" Patty whispered to Jillian and Erin.

"Oh yeah, her and her little friends," Erin whispered back scrunching up her face.

*Music1* If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters. If it's somthin' weird an it don't look good. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters.*Music1* Hannah resumed singing and dancing.

Word Count~ 391

*Disclaimer* This is Fanfiction made purely by my imagination and has no affiliation with the Ghostbusters franchise or Hannah Montana and I do not profit financially from it in any way. It was just for fun. Smile

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