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by Espero
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The horrific life of a Carmelite nun
This is the story of Barbara Vbgryk,
It's such a sad tale to tell.
If you're from the City of Vienna,
Then I'm sure you know it well.

In love with a young gentleman,
He loved her not the same,
Her father died, no money left,
Which quickly cooled the flame.

He asked to be released from her,
What could she do or say?
She vowed a man would nevermore,
Use her for his foul play.

Before that day, this lovely girl,
Was full of life and love.
But now, her melancholy soul,
Found guidance from above.

Her angry mother struck her,
And forced her to see men;
Told her she was a burden,
Must find someone again.

She entered Carmelite Convent,
To embrace life as a nun,
For there she'd find contentment,
Until her days were done.

Mother Josepha was kind to her,
Father Calenski not as much.
She often found him looking,
And recoiled from his touch.

She took her vows, endured her fate,
Routine life had begun,
A humble pallet was her bed,
She's now a Carmelite nun.

Soon Mother Josepha turned cold,
Father Calenski seemed more kind.
One day he entered in her door,
And touched her from behind.

He told her she was beautiful,
He brought her food to eat,
He kissed her lips and left the room,
She feasted on the treat.

She blinked, her eyes were sleepy,
She laid down for a nap,
When she awoke, he grabbed her,
To his face she gave a slap.

“Get out, get out, why have you come,
You wicked, vile man,
I fear you not, if you don't leave,
I'll scream loud as I can.”

He threatened to punish her,
It really was a shame,
Then in came Mother Josepha,
And she knew it was a game.

They took her to the cellar,
Through a heavy padlocked door,
Told her she'd live there til she died,
Would see the light no more.

The Father came about 10 times,
And used her as he wished,
Then left her there to rot away,
Like a bug that had been squished.

She lived in filth, dark and damp,
Over twenty-one long years,
Her rotted clothes had fallen off,
Her eyes could shed no tears.

Then Sister Mary came one day,
And saw the wretched site.
They freed her from that prison,
She once more saw the light.

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