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There is always hope for those who have lost their way.
Torn to pieces, broken and scared, she sits in a corner, heart in hand, looking at how ghastly it had become. She looked up at the mirror before her then threw her blackened heart at it. The mirror shattered and shards of glass flew in all directions. One jagged shard skimmed across her cheek, tearing the skin and drawing blood. She was hardly fazed for hurt was already drowning her, what would a little more do? Starring at the mirror, now shattered and broken she saw the many irregular pieces all lying at different angles. A true reflection of herself. The image was ugly and she knew that it was not because of the broken glass, but the broken girl. Resting before the mirror was her heart. It was black and cold and dead. Her soul had left her long ago and so had her love for life. Nothing mattered to her or made her feel. She had been blind, deaf, and mute to all reason and that is what had brought her to this place. She had locked herself away from light. From happiness. From love. Love had wrecked her. Maybe one day, she thought, all this suffering will stop and i will be released from this living cell into an eternity of peace. She thought this knowing it was all a lie just to keep the one thing she thought she had left. hope.
Many years later she still sat in that place with the broken mirror and her blackened heart. With each day passing she continued to stare into it, clinging onto the slight ray of hope that had stayed within her all of these years. One day as she gazed at the same scenery as the last, she heard a faint noise like that of a horse. That was one sound she knew well and could never forget. The sound grew louder and more distinct and the ray of hope inside her grew. Though she had put herself where she was now, she was too weak to leave it alone. The sound of the horse grew louder and louder and then stopped all together. The ray of hope inside her flickered, threatening to extinguish. Then she heard footsteps. Above her it seemed. She was too weak to get the passers attention. The footsteps grew fainter, then faded. Though no tears could fall from her eyes because she had removed her heart and with it all emotion, she felt that single ray of hope flicker then slowly burn out.
Suddenly she heard the door being rattled like someone was trying to come in. Her flame of hope ignited once more. Dirt fell from the ceiling as the person tried to force it free from natures grasp. Then finally after one great heave a slight crack formed from where the door was. Rays of light gently reflected off the surfaces of the pieces of broken glass and dotted the room. Then promptly the door gave way and light washed the room in its warmth. There in the entrance stood a man, tall and fare, with brown lengthy hair and beautiful eyes. He had a majestic look about him. It took her a moment to adjust to the light after so many years in the dark. Upon seeing her he slowly made his way to where she was cautious not to frighten her. Before he reached her he took notice to the broken mirror and the heart in font of it. Standing bewildered for a moment, then seeing the hole in her chest, he saw that she had removed it. Slowly bending down he picked up the black, cold, and hard heart. As soon as his hands touched it, it was full of life. It started beating as if it had never stopped. He walked over and placed it into the hole in the girls chest. Air filled her lungs and life jumped into her eyes. Her skin changed from pail to pink and strength filled her once weak body. She looked into the eyes of her savior, he was nothing more than a person it seemed, but something about him was so beautiful and pure and full of power that she couldn't help but feel a great love for him. "Who are you?" Those were the first words she had spoken in years. "Who I am does not matter. but promise that you will remember me in times of doubt." She simply nodded and before getting the chance to utter another word, he vanished. She walked out of the place she had laid in, in hopes of never being found and from that day forward she was freed from the chains of death that had held her captive for so long and in times of doubt she never forgot the man who had breathed life into her and made her whole once more.
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