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by Temmi
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Sorry it took so long, but here's chapter 3 of my book!
Arthur finally came to inside a dark dungeon, a hole in the middle of nowhere that he had been but in to be forgotten. He tried to remember what had happened. All he remembered is there was a man who came to pick him up, to take him to his new parents. He had gotten into his car, but then nothing. He couldn't remember after that. He ran his fingers along the nearest wall to try and find something, anything, and then he found what appeared to be a door of some kind. He moved all along it to try and find the knob, when all of a sudden, the lights turned on. There was only one light, in the center of the ceiling, but it shone so bright that it blinded and dazed him so much that he found himself on the floor. After a gratuitous amount of blinking, he saw that it wasn't a dungeon he was in after all. It was more like a big, fluffy room covered in bleached white pillows covering all the walls, except for a large, metallic door on one wall. There was a shiny bunk-bed against one walls, with a porcelain toilet on its opposite. And then, something moved on the top bunk. It was Him! But before he could say anything to him, the door opened, and through it, came another man, much like the last one, and then another one, and another one! And then a creepy old man wearing a white coat came through the door, holding a flashlight of some sort. But when he turned it on, i blacked out again. Once my consciousness returned, I found not much was different. I was still in the same room, at least he thought at first. Once he turned towards the bed he found the bunk-bed was gone, replaced with a regular one. he tried to stand up, but stopped from an immense pain coming from his skull. "Oh Man!" he thought, "What the heck did they do to me???" Arthur was about to agree, but then thought "Wait a minute, I didn't think that!!! Is somebody there??" Now in a different voice from before, it happened again "I could ask the same thing to you! Who are you and what have you done to me??? Why can't I move my body! I can sense everything is here, but I can't move them!" Arthur responded to that by moving his arms and legs around. "I seem to be able to move around just fine. I don't know what is going on!" Arthur said aloud. Then he started to burn, first his mind, then his body, and finally the whole room around him seemed to melt away in front of him. Then a figure appeared in front of them. The room was gone, replaced by a never-ending cavern filled with lava and charred bones. The figure spoke to them in a voice like melted butter, but with a darker tone in the background "Ah, My son. About time you got down here!!!!"
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