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This is the latest news on Jane Austen.
Jane Austen Newsletter 2016
Editor: Megan Princess Megan Rose

Hello Janeites! Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. I just love Jane and look forward to researching and writing about her and creating stories about where her characters left off. Are you ready for Austen World? Here goes.

Janeitism self consciously idolatrous enthuisiasm for Jane and everything about Jane. Janeites have been compared to Trekkies but I think Janeites are better and have more going for us. Jane was out before Star Trek.

I found another Jane Austen Coloring Book-Color Me Jane. I can never get enough of Jane Austen. I found a page about some of the foods they served and you might want to include them in your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Pigeon Pie
Timbale Milanaise
Crème Chicken
Larks Farcie
Lamb Cutlets

I think I would pass on these but I found these interesting.

"It is well to have as many hands upon happiness as possible." I couldn't agree more. We can never get too much happiness.

MRI machines were hooked up to people reading Jane Austen novels and it increased the flow of blood to the brain. Jane's novels analyze value, historical significance and hidden meanings. Hidden meanings? Like how Jane felt about love, family, balls, her family and read between the lines and you can understand Jane's thoughts. For the sake of your health, read Jane Austen! This works for me.

A woman named Lizzy Bennett {yes, this is her name! Lucky her} is part of an embroidery group and she and a few friends wrote letters to Pen Pals for 20 years. LIzzy and her friends have a craft book Good Day Miss Austen and they are crafts relating to Jane. I hope to be able to find a copy.

A Copy of a Jane Austen novel "A Sharp Punch Bewixt The Eyes" was found in a converted barn near Winchester, Hants. It is said this book lacks restraint. Jane probably has books we will never know about.

Jane Austen books are popular in China. I would have never guessed there are Jane Austen Fans in China.

There is no mention of the Napoleonic Wars in Jane's novels. Jane served as a Senior officer in the 4th Womens Battalion, King Royal Hussars-active service in Ulu in 1805. Wow. Who knew? Jane did mention military men in her novels. I secretly think Jane loved military men and maybe she had a secret military beau.

Gordon Ramsey is a fan of Jane Austen. I was surprised to read that.

Hillary is a fan of Jane Austen. She said: "If Jane Austen can win the heart of Minnesota, so can I!" Hillary, I beg to differ. Think again. Minnesota and the rest of us would vote for Jane Austen if she was still alive! I know I would.

This is all I have. If you ever have any items about Jane, please send them to me and I will include them in a newsletter. Thank you for reading. I will be back next month with another newsletter.

Modern picture of Jane Austen or one of her characters. Notice the cell phone and pool.
Original Jane Austen picture.
Picture of sisters of Pride and Prejudice Zombies.

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