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Toutankhamoun death circumstances:young king /political conditions/Akhenaton's son
Toutkhamoun death mystery
Who is toutkhamoun ?

         The etymology of Toutankhamoun is: the image of God (Amon) on earth.
This is the most famous figure of pharaohs. It has caught the attention of historians since the 20th century. Indeed Howard Carter is the first British researcher who found his tomb on a certain 04november 1922.However he immediately died after getting in Toutkhamoun tomb. Most historians talked about malediction. Is it true or not? Mister Howard Carter went away taking with him the mystery of both his and Toutkhamoun deaths forever.
Born from a famous king who is Akinaton, Toutankhamoun found himself already king as a child at the age of nine or ten years. The young king governed during the epoch of 1335/1336 BC to 1327BC. The most enigmatic Toutkhamoun destiny is his death. The child, who was yesterday the king of Thebes, found the way of darkness at the age of eighteen or twenty.
Was it a natural or criminal death?
History and till nowadays, stays in an ambivalence. Indeed, recent researches confirm the natural death theory. They find the prove in the AND findings of a blood congenital disease caused by consanguinity.
The theory of a murder is also sustained by other researchers. The head hole found in toutkhamoun mummy is a controversial finding. That is to say that for some researchers, the hole got part of the mummification process. However for others, this was a traumatic process which caused the hole. Can this hole in itself explain the criminal death theory of the young king?
The researchers found many other proves which can easily sustain such last theory. Indeed the burial ceremony of the young king was not organized in normal conditions. Like that the tomb of the king was not all finished .As the drawings of the burial sarcophagus were not completed and there is a lack of some figures. The flagrant thing is that the figures incrusted on the sarcophagus were used to be on female sarcophagus, a thing which denotes the belonging of the tomb to the young king.
There are also some politics conditions which pushed the researchers to believe in a criminal theory. Indeed tutkhamoun was the son of Akinaton. Who is Akinaton? This unique king made the greatest revolution in this epoch. This is the only monotheist believer. He wanted to abolish the ancient polytheist religion. Such thing would change the pharaoh status who governed as and because being a god according to polytheist religion. The governance pharaoh mode would change forever because of this. That is why Toutkhamoun was a target for polytheist believers.
Toutkhamoun was also borne from a famous mother who is told young lady or Nefertiti the famous queen.
The mystery of toutkhamoun still remains and history cannot reveal all its secrets.

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